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Thank you!! :blush: :hugs: :hugs:

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About time, I’ve been waiting for new stuff for a while.

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Thanks so much for this @StephLP18! Really looking forward to it.

@the_termin8r the reason they took so long is that their lead singer had a vocal injury.

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You’re welcome. @AJ_7 and thank you again for getting me into them

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Was he trying to channel Chester or something? :joy:


How coincidental, Greta Van Fleet just announced that their singer has an injury! Meaning the show I was going to is gonna be rescheduled :disappointed_relieved:


On no I’m sorry! That really sucks @rickvanmeijel


Thanks AJ! At least it’s not cancelled :slight_smile:

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Congrats, you’ll be the best aunt ever :grin: does that mean its gangsta aunt now?


Thank you!! :blush: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

:thinking: :exploding_head: :speak_no_evil: could be lol


@the_termin8r and @StephLP18

I Prevail’s new album ‘Trauma’ is out 29th of March. I blurred it because the thumbnail looked odd. Not sure if there needs to be a trigger warning on this, I haven’t seen it. So be careful if you watch it


Thanks for sharing. @AJ_7

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Just noticed a new feature in the reply box. You can now adjust the size of pics you post as a percentage of the original. You can either mouse over the image in the preview pane and pick a size or you can manipulate the image code once pasted (put a comma after the resolution and enter a percentage without a space after the comma or before the % symbol).

Original (100%):

75% selection from preview pane:

25% entered manually:

1% entered manually :joy: :

500% entered manually:


Alright @derek I see you :wink:

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I thought it was maybe Jordan? But you’re official resident poopie now :joy::joy::joy:


It would be cooler if it was the ultimate poopie @derek


Hahaha :joy:- however- grats for the (up?! :joy:) grade :tada:


Seems there’s yet another new forum feature that tells you when somebody makes either first post.

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That’s actually quite Nice.