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OMG that’s too awesome!


I haven’t played much (too late)
:notes:Mammago garage, you go​:notes::joy::joy::joy:

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Hey… why you tag me? ;-;

@derek get him ;-;

I’ve just noticed: @Honey8 and @jabinquaken 's avatars are almost the same, lol
Black and white :slight_smile:

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oh ya nice!! :slight_smile:

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@NickGr I’ve noticed it first time I saw @Honey8 's avatar.
It’s really my photograph on mine. That’s me.


I’ve actually thought it was some sort of an artist :stuck_out_tongue:

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Seems to me, that the avatar of @Honey8 is an art by Henrik Moses.

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no @jabinquaken …its art made by me…have a look. Thats edited actually :sweat_smile:


I thought @jabinquaken’s avatar was like Chester in hood lol

@Honey8 then it’s an artwork from another artwork. Now, that I see it in the fullsize, I’m sure, Moses had such drawing. Quite good. I can see, you spent much time drawing it. Keep improving.

@NoireXJasper sometimes I think that my wife married me just because of some parts of my face, that remind her of Chester. Lol


yep @jabinquaken its artwork from artwork…just copied that …lol
this one’s my favourite one…i have a different connection with this…i may be drawing better than this one but still this will always remain my fav.
Have a look.

I’ll try to draw smth on weekend. Post here if succeed.

Oh! C’mon man you are a great artist…of course you are gonna succeed
try posting here

Playing with drawing tools

hey! is this still there???
Can i join LPU whatsapp group???


I’m quite demanding to myself in such things. If I don’t like it, you’ll not see it.

Sure, just drop an email to my decoy account with your number and area code. And be sure to tell me that you’ve sent the email because I don’t check that account.


oh no…i forgot something…i don’t have my own phone.
Probably after 2 yrs :disappointed: :cry: :sob:

So I’m not to expect an email then?