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mhhhh @TriplXero ! seems like the_termin8r1 in a six pack lolllies…lol :joy:

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Ohh, fancy Christmas party you had @TripleXero. We’re just cutting that traditional pie (has a lucky charm of some sort inside) tomorrow at work. It’s only for the CEOs though, the simple employees just get to attend it, we don’t actually take part.
We are going on a 2 days trip though next month with the whole company, I think that’s pretty cool.

But it´s middle of January? You have trads for xmas-new year soo long ongoing?

No, companies just do it later. Some even do it in February. It’s cause most of the employees are away on leave till January 10th or so.

@The_early_walker Instead of typing LP.com I go straight to forums.linkinpark.com and log in from there. It’s faster that way.

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Cool I’ll add you. PSN is one (the only one) I definitely use lol. Though I don’t have many games anymore. my PSN is malox5 (no I don’t know how or why I thought of it, you’ll have to ask the 8 year old me to find out lol)

That’s a dick move on the employer’s part.

Omg just stumbled upon this thread:

Interesting thread… Mike’s birthday is next month indeed. Yay.

Nah, it’s better this way. Means we can be excused and not attend at all.

Rob’s is in 2 days, then Dave and then Mike, so we got a lot of celebrations happening lol

I wonder whatever happened with the birthday challenge of Joe and Chester? Last time Mike and Phoenix dressed up in carebear onesies. Wasn’t there a pie involved in the birthday challenge for Joe and Chester?

Their birthdays aren’t till March, so we have 2 more months before that happens.

Hmmm… yeah, 2 months can go by quite fast. Have they done any birthday challenge for Rob? I don’t recall any for Brad’s birthday.

They haven’t. I guess they did with Mike, Dave, Chester and Joe because their birthdays are just days apart.

Yeah that makes sense. Still though, would’ve been fun for the others [Brad and Rob ] to have a B-Day challenge too.

And mine is in 2 months :stuck_out_tongue:[quote=“Gatsie, post:913, topic:11188”]
Wasn’t there a pie involved in the birthday challenge for Joe and Chester?

The loser takes a cake to the face I think.

On another note:

GOOD NEWS! My family finally got a proper TV. We’ve gone from the world’s worst CRT straight to a 4K.

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Oh yes, I remembered the high pissed hiss everytime the CRT (decades ago) was switched on.

Actually on ours you could hear it all the time if you knew what to listen for.

Happy birthday to Bourdie!! :smiley:

YeeI! Rob is the best!!


(Sorry @Gatsie it’s from your WordPress)

all the best to the MOST POWERFULL DRUMMER of the world…all the best to ya, Rob, stay as you are, powerfull coolness is like a magnet for most women!