Hollywood Bowl Special Show

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If we are LPU members but were in Group 3 for the last presale, aren’t we still able to buy presale tickets today at noon (as stated below quoted from presale info)? BUT, I didn’t get a code either like it said we would from LPU & there is no number to contact so I’m confused on how that will work. Any ideas? I’m so confused.

LPU members who didn’t participate in the Ticketmaster Fan Verified campaign for the One More Light North American Tour and didn’t end up placing in Group 1 or Group 2:

Tuesday, September 19th at 12 pm Los Angeles time

LPU members who didn’t participate in the Ticketmaster Fan Verified campaign for the One More Light North American Tour and didn’t end up placing in Groups 1 or 2, will receive a pre-sale code from LPU directly via email.

Email lpuhq@lpunderground.com if you haven’t got your code. Presale is 12noon.

Thank you so much. Unfortunately, the auto response is that it may take up to 48 hours for a reply. Very sad & frustrated. But appreciate your help.

Guys I don’t understand if the code is sharable. If a LPU member gives me his code, may I use it even if I’m not LPU member? Is it safe to do it? I’m from Italy and don’t wanna risk to come there and not to entry.

Yes if you have a code you can use it regardless if you are a member or not.

Ok thank you! Codes are working at noon right? Because I tried and I don’t understand which part I need to fill in (group 1 or 2 or platinum??). It runs an error now

You just enter the code by clicking the “Got Offer Code”. If it’s giving you an error about not available for this promo, then the code has already been used.

I did it and it said it is wrong but I’m sure the guy didn’t use it

@jFar920 meeerge

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It took me half hour to get tickets, I got an error message displayed constantly at different points throughout the process :frowning:
Lost so many good seats but happy I got tickets and they’re not that bad in the end!

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He’s quite quick at replying and very helpful, I got a reply within a couple of hours. Otherwise send him a tweet on twitter if you’re on there? I signed up especially! Haha

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No and Ticketmaster dropped the ball I was suppose to get a code directly from TM because I made it in Group 1 (#36!) but they never sent one and after an hour and 45 minutes it took me to get through to a human being they basically told me I was SOL and had to purchase tickets when they went on sale to the GP on the 29th. I didn’t wait though, I used the presale code that I received from LPU for members who didn’t make it in group 1 or 2. Got my 2 tix in the back 40 but am VERY DISAPPOINTED that I was unable to get seats in the front box section being offered to group 1. I should’ve been able to purchase them and it feels like TM is doing something very shady.
But the main reason I replied is because all LPU fan presale were sold out at 1:18pm pst. Sorrry.

I am so exciting and emotional at the same time. I am going to see them live again, but it won’t be the same without Chester

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Everyone, please try to keep all posts relating to giving away and receiving pre-sale codes in For people that need or are willing to give up their presale codes and questions about the pre-sale and the show itself in October 27th Event | Assistance & Questions. Keep this topic about the event in general, like if you are attending or where are you traveling from.

That being said, I’ll be at the concert myself. I got two tickets, now I just need to find a friend willing to fly to California with me on such short notice


Great to know you’re going! :grin: I’m sure someone will hop on board for the trip :grinning:

Did you manage to get all the tickets you were looking to get?

I never got a code yet, are there still any available?!?

Sort of
I got two together then was able to go back and get a third that’s 5rows behind
I’m taking a 11 and 14y.o so I still have to call to try to get Ticketmaster to move me around or move the single ticket closer or something but when I talked to them they said they couldn’t while it was in presale stage
worst comes to worst I’ll see if I can pay or get the people next to the single seat to move 5 rows forward lol

Yesterday I got my ticket! Section J2, coming from ITALYYYYY