Hollywood Bowl Special Show

Hey all,
Did you guys see the news of the special show at the Hollywood Bowl? I’m excited yet saddened by the cause of the show since I wished it was just a concert where Chester would be here. Anyways, also does anyone know how long it takes to get a presale code for being an lpu member? I don’t know how to contact lpu to ask.

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Also anyone know the time?

I think u have to go to lp site to ge the time of the show .

Form what I’ve gathered the event will be at 730 (tried contacting Ticketmaster) and the emails are going around as we speak I got mine about half hour ago and I believe they are going in order so if you aren’t in group 1 or 2 yours will come next then non lpu and I believe they are doing a later préstale access for those who donated to online fund
but I do need to ask, if there is anyone who will not use a group 1 code I would greatly appreciate it if I could use it to buy one more ticket-I’d be willing to do the same and send something from the event
Please let me know if possible

I think LPU codes are sent by Linkin Park, not ticketmaster, but it should be before 12 pm anyway. I’ll send you mine as soon as I get one. I think lpu code and ticketmaster code will be different for me because I registered for the presale before I became an lpu member, unless they somehow calculate that I’m an lpu member and at the same time participated in the ticketmaster presale. I’m sorry if they won’t send me my lpu code then :disappointed_relieved: . Maybe create a discussion for people that are looking for/ready to give up their codes and try to find somebody else just in case I won’t get mine? :slightly_smiling_face: I really hope they will though!!

Lpu and Ticketmaster are sending separate codes from what I’ve seen
They might not match up however so take a look at the details

Keep checking your emails, lpu already sent me mine. Good luck guys :heart:

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I just created a discussion to help people find somebody with a code. For people that need or are willing to give up their presale codes See if you can find someone just in case they will not send me my lpu code!

Did you participate in the ticketmaster presale for the tour?

OMG i just recieved mine!


I did but made it to group 3 in the verified tour. But lpu sent me my code because i’m in lpu. @alexandreeva

How do I know if I will receive a code?

You have to be an lpu member or have participated in the presage for the North American tour
Or as I’m hearing it possibly if you donated to the oml fund a bit later
You will receive an email

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How do I check if I am a lpu member? I should be

I should have one but no idea where to look.

look in promotions folder. Mine was in there

Did you pay for the access?
@jFar920 @derek I’m sorry guys but I’ll probably be tagging you guys here often the next few
You guys can check if @warhorsei has full access?

I have been in since 2013. NO code

The access expires anually and you must renew
If you hadn’t renewed since then or in the last war then I don’t think you will be given one

Are the codes made for each user?