HEY! YOU! What are you up to right now! (Part 3)

You know the drill!
Tell about your day, your doings!


FIRST! hahaaa


2nd lol

Anyway today I was my first morning shift at work and it was really good, and on Thursday I have a job interview


Actually this is the “part 3” lol :laughing:

EDIT: :crazy_face: hehe I’m the third too lololol


What is this, youtube?

I’m out of here…


As expected :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m working days this week since the kids are on break until Monday. I’m lurking while my face is buried in a Sudoku book.


Oh wow, a new thread!

@evowarrior5 glad you’re back! Congrats on the job :slight_smile: Everything else will fall into place too, I’m sure! Just keep swimming! :slight_smile:

OT: Had a relaxing morning (managed to sleep in), a nice lunch and then I went to uni. Been chilling at home with my flatmate since I came back watching a bit of The Durrells.


:sunny::sunny: good morning family :sunny::sunny: so we closed another?! And the other one got far over 10.000 posts :joy::sweat_smile: looks like the @system is a bit confused :crazy_face:- however- happy humpday to you all… stay strong soldiers and #MakeChesterProud :hugs::yellow_heart::sunny::sunny::muscle:t2:

Ot: :coffee:

@LP13413 hey yo lurker :blush: I wish you a good goodnight Andy, sleep well :zzz:


What’s up?! Part 3 yeah! And we are back… new chat room. New suite… let’s talk :sunglasses:

@anna834 hey love. Im feeling pissed off now.
A lot shit happened yesterday on work. Again some coworkers talked behind my back. I was angry and confused. I thought the conversation we had 2 weeks ago sorted things out, but apparently not. Stil some coworkers don’t like me. And yesterday evening i talked with some other coworkers about it and they support me and also don’t like it , how some people treat me. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong to get this bullshit over me! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Some coworkers where also angry, they don’t understand it either :roll_eyes:

But yeah, I’ve talked with my supervisor about it yesterday to. She was totally not happy with it and she thought to that the bullshit was over. We both thought that wrong. Now she is gonna talk with some people to see what to so next. But there will be some people with official warnings… do it again and you’re out. :point_right:

Was listing to this song yesterday. They lyrics is how feel now.

@theearlywalker good ‘late’ morning to! :joy: I’m free today. Sleeping out… so chilling in bed. :relaxed: i need to pee, but my bed it to comfortable… okay to much information :rofl:

Oh sudoku. Holiday puzzles :sunglasses: i like it when they puzzle is impossible to get…

@lpfan61 @zanybelle @justinkilmer @Linkineli @anomalia @HakManLP @AJ_7 @lplove we are here! Let continue they days here. :kissing_heart:


Much love :v: :heart:


We continue here.


Thank you for love :hugs:

Hope you are doing great!:heart:

I’ll check my 35 notifs soon hehe


Stay strong busy bee :hugs:

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Back from work and going to wash my hair and relax…maybe watch a movie to take my mind off my tooth!


Good Morning all! Alright Part 3 wow!

Sorry I missed out on yesterday! I’m sick yayyyy? Feeling a bit better today but not up for anything at all yesterday.

@theearlywalker I will definitely have to start letting it grow again :rofl: I’ve recently trimmed it up to look more “presentable” lol

@evowarrior5 congrats on being 1st :rofl: also happy Cake Day to you!! :cake::cake::cake:

@anna834 I’ll accept my loss for yesterday if I must :sob:

OT: Not up for posting much, hopefully this cold goes away and I can feel better soon! But just needed to check in!

Hope you all have a good Wednesday!


Hey Everyone out there… Sorry for such a long break from this server, My exams went great and let me tell you a very little funny scenario of my classroom.
I had an exam of “Web Technologies”, my teacher was correcting some question paper mistakes and then she said “It’s related to web crawler… You need to write down spidering, Web Crawling Techniques. You understood it’s related to CRAWLING” and suddenly my friend said me to tell him an answer of that Crawling question. So instead of telling him the answer I started singing “against my will I stand beside my own reflection” in a very slow voice and you what the best thing is, my friend wrote it down in the answer sheet and after completing the exam when we met then, he said "bro, thanks for the that 1line answer… I appended some other lines in your one line answer… now my answer length is of 1page. TBH I don’t have any idea of what’s going to happen with him (especially in that subject) when results come…
I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying… lots of love and hugs to everyone out there and yeah I found this quote little quote back then, it’s really good and just more than good :laughing:
See you tomorrow LP family members… Good night to all.


Watching Youtube videos, (Watchmojo this time)…


Thanks @drounzer I was like Part 3 of what…? :laughing: I can’t quote anyone’s messages to me so prepare for some bad memory responses thusly:

@HakManLP I want a Sadgasm album too :rofl: haha! I love that grunge sound and the hat tip to Kurt Cobain “Pain is brown, Hate is white, Love is black, Stab the night, Kingdom of numb:metal: :guitar: Homer can sing anything!

@theearlywalker What you said about us being connected by hearts was epic :heart:

@justinkilmer Mark refused to answer? Typical! We need closure on the pool song. So, when are you getting Linkin Park back together? We will hurt you if you don’t. And stop all this texting, it’s pissing the European’s off :roll_eyes:

@Linkineli :hugs: hugs back to you! I liked your Linkin Park picture but I can’t quote it here so can you share it again?

@anna834 congratulations on your new thread thingy, did you win something? I hope so. I think we need a vote to find out which user of this forum really is Mike Shinoda. You met hakman yet you want to suggest he’s Mike? What are you not telling us?! What?!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes, I’m being very silly.


Sorry, can’t tag or quote today.
And also not tell.
But just know, it’s already so soothing to read and feel you all. It really gives me the feeling to not being alone.
Thank you all for your caring and love.


I spent most of my work day changing univent filters in classrooms. The brand new roof also started to leak again. Now, it’s time to relax.