HEY! YOU! What are you up to right now! (Part 3)

I love this!:heart_eyes:thank you for giving us some smiling-chester pix then and there​:blush::heart_eyes:
And i’m sorry to hear that there are still some dumb people at your work who won’t shut up! I hope your supervisor can change something, and maybe also together with the others,who are on your side. We are also ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE​:muscle::muscle::heart::heart:don’t forget that​:kissing_heart::pray:

Maybe eating ice cream can help?:grin:or does that hurt the teeth even more? Can you even eat??:open_mouth::grimacing:sending bonecrushers to you to stay strong during the pain!:joy::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

Thanks,i hope you’ll get better soon!:kissing_heart::hugs:

Haha thanks for that story!:joy::joy::joy: i wish someone would care about my lp-references… it’s crazy,like even when i’m in biology class and i read hemoglobin,i’ll have I.O.U. in my head(“cause even when i’m sleepin’,eyes keep 'em open/ stripe across 'em both the colour of your hemoglobin”):grin:

Thank youu, take some love​:heart::heart::heart:too​:hugs:
I was upset about a few things,maybe gonna talk about it tomorrow,but being here always makes me feel better ,so😊

Of course :blush::blush::star_struck:here it is:

@anna834 you already said and know it,but just a reminder that YOU ARE NOT ALONE here and we love you and need you and care about you and you are great!:heart::heart::heart::heart::hugs:
Tell what’s going on whenever you want;maybe tomorrow,or maybe never,but i hope you are okay!
( Btw,whenever you have time for it,but i would love to see a sheep pic​:blush::grin:there wasn’t one for a pretty long time…)

Going to bed now,have a good day/evening/night y’all,stay strong!:hugs::heart:


image image image

As a little something for you… hope everything gets better soon! :heart::heart::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


:sunny::sunny: good morning family :sunny::sunny: Thursday again :tada::tada: yaay - weekend in plain sight :grinning:- Outlook good here in my view, sending strength :muscle:t2::muscle:t2: and hugs :hugs::hugs: to you all you wonderful caring souls. Let’s be aware, let’s always try our best :heart: and we can be the change. He would want us to :blush:

@drounzer wishing you good nerves, my strategy at work is to ignore the dumb asses of every kind. Try to not let them offend or hurt you! Ignore them and go the right official way with your supervisor- as you already do and come here to vent… we’re all here to support you- stay strong :muscle:t2: :hugs:

@anna834 take a big bonecrusher :hugs::hugs::hugs:, we love you for what you are and we all know about heavy days… I want to remind you that we love you :heart: it’s great that you’re here :hugs::blush:, sending strength :muscle:t2: and love :yellow_heart: over to you :hugs::hugs: hang in there, things will become lighter again …

@zanybelle :hugs::yellow_heart: it sounds good- yeah :tada::sunny::sunny: and feeling it is evan better :blush:

@AJ_7 hey dear, hope everything is going good- sending bonecrushers :hugs::heart::kissing_heart:

@evooba hang in there… :muscle:t2::sunny: and I loved the duck pics :heart_eyes:

@alz89 hope everything went well with the tooth?! :hugs::sunny:

Ot: :coffee:

@LP13413 looks like meditation with sudoku :blush: enjoy while the boss warms your feet :cat: sleep well Andy :crescent_moon:

@Linkineli, @HakManLP Huuuugs to you both :hugs::hugs::hugs::sunny::sunny::sunny: have a good day soldiers :heart:


Just but only soft stuff…jaw really aches today and lump on side very tender!


Good morning you all! :sunny:
Sleep tight other side! :milky_way:
@Honey8 half the day done! :muscle: :hugs: :heart:

So, now I have unexpected ( :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: follows below in OT) time and doing better, so a long one :crazy_face:

:joy: :rofl: :hugs: :green_heart:

Good luck! :muscle: :hugs: :heart:

Oh, it closed at 10000, but after closing, the @system always puts some more to it. Theory was (of course, we need a theory for that :crazy_face:) that it counts then the delated posts on top.

Hey you :heartpulse: Sorry for not responding right away :disappointed: I saw your post and even so, it was a hard one for you, it felt good for me, seeing that you are there, remembering me. Thank you! And I really hope its getting better for you! :hugs: :hugs: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh no. :scream: Then you are of course excused! But I still can’t give you doughnuts, sorry lad, you have to get better soon, so no sugar and :tea: :honey_pot: and just a virtuell, stay where you are hug :hugs: :brown_heart:

Congrats! :muscle: happy you check in with us! :hugs: :blue_heart:

Thank you. I won the run for closing the last topic :blush: :laughing: didn’t expect that, had two 9999 posts before :crazy_face:

:shushing_face: :shushing_face: :sunglasses:

Love it! :laughing::hugs: :green_heart:

:blush: and now sleeping, I hope :hugs: :orange_heart:

Thank you so much! Really and sincerely! :hugs: :two_hearts:

Better this option.
Just remember to treat yourself with self respect!
It’s not easy and sometimes you slip. But after a little mourning, it’s time to stand up again! :muscle:

Oh, I haven’t worked some time. So Monday, there will be new sheep pics.
But as you asked, I won’t disappoint you :joy:
So here, January, me enjoying the sun, Lille and Ylva do the work :rofl:

:exploding_head: sending wolves pics to a shepherd :flushed:

I actually like that one :blush: and I am still fascinated with wolves, even so my opinion is very differentiated to this whole matter. :sunglasses:
Thank you for your post and thinking of me :hugs: :black_heart:

I start to repeat myself, but it is just exactly this: Thank you! It means a lot! Big hug for you! :hugs: :yellow_heart:

Hang in there, hope it get better soon. :hugs: :white_heart:

So, now I have to hurry :tada:
Its a package with this postcards

the printing already got delayed. But I have promised a book store here, to come mid Feb with this for organising a reading. So my publisher send it to me via express. And of course it arrived yesterday in exactly the 10 minutes, I was out with the dogs.
So it goes to a packing station in the city. There it didn’t arrive yesterday and they just expected, that it would arrive till noon today.
But now it is!
So I will hurry to get it, run to the book store and then go on the road 650 km down south, family visit and 90. Birthday party of my grandmas sister.
So take care!
:hugs: :heart:


Testing my new Wi-Fi now.

This is what I’ve done recently:

komoda brw w świetle dziennym

I do 400 km a week :wink:

Delayed or not. It’s coming soon and you could be proud.

Hugs to Everyone.


Just hitting the north of Hessen. Short break to turn on my greetings to @HakManLP :hugs:

Still 300 km to go :upside_down_face:

That’s hard. I’m happy to do this in one, and not this daily job travel! Hugi di hug :hugs: :two_hearts:

Memories consume like opening the wound
I’m picking me apart again
You all assume
I’m safe here in my room
Unless I try to start again
I don’t want to be the one the battles always choose
'Cause inside I realize that I’m the one confused

I don’t know what’s worth fighting for
Or why I have to scream
I don’t know why I instigate
And say what I don’t mean
I don’t know how I got this way
I know it’s not alright
So I’m breaking the habit
I’m breaking the habit tonight

Clutching my cure
I tightly lock the door
I try to catch my breath again
I hurt much more than any time before
I have no options left again
I don’t want to be the one the battles always choose
'Cause inside I realize that I’m the one confused

I don’t know what’s worth fighting for
Or why I have to scream
I don’t know why I instigate
And say what I don’t mean
I don’t know how I got this way
I’ll never be alright
So I’m breaking the habit
I’m breaking the habit tonight

I’ll paint it on the walls
'Cause I’m the one at fault
I’ll never fight again
And this is how it ends

I don’t know what’s worth fighting for
Or why I have to scream
But now I have some clarity to show you what I mean
I don’t know how I got this way
I’ll never be alright
So I’m breaking the habit
I’m breaking the habit
I’m breaking the habit tonight

I don’t know what’s worth fighting for
Or why I have to scream
I don’t know why I instigate
And say what I don’t mean
I don’t know how I got this way
I’ll never be alright
So I’m breaking the habit
I’m breaking the habit tonight
I’m breaking the habit (tonight)

:flushed: :flushed:
Listened to it a 1000 times, but some days…
And some day, I will break my habits too


@alz89 Hope you’re getting better.

@drounzer Hang in there, fingers crossed they’ll stop soon. And if not, some action will be taken.

@anna834 That cover looks brilliant!!

OT: Uni was horrible yesterday, I’m back to thinking to quit. I deleted an entire essay that’s due Monday out of anger and some nasty comments in class yesterday. Came home from work early today, skipping uni, will try and re-do the assignment even though my motivation levels have dropped to below zero.
In other news, the weather has been insane. It was cloudy and quite warm this morning, then drizzling a bit, then sunny, then cloudy again and just a few short minutes ago we had a crazy hurricane style hail storm pass through. Not sure what to expect for the rest of the evening.


A shepherd eh? Well, this is no wolf you will not be able to be in control of. Love wolves and werewolves so as a warning, prepare for lots of werewolf photos.




I’m home from another exhilarating work day. Just like yesterday, I spent most of my day changing out filters.

Opening up univents.


Taking out the old filters.



Replacing them with new filters.


Turning them back on after said filters were replaced. (there’s an on/off switch somewhere down there)


Putting the covers back on, and moving on to the next room.


This week could not be any slower. One more day. Sorry, two more days. I can sleep on Sunday. Now I’m unwinding with my Sudoku book in front of American Dad!

On my walk home, someone stopped at the red light, rolled his window down, looked at my shorts, and asked me if I was going surfing.


Watching Nuke Top 5 Ghost videos…


Lmao :laughing: … is it a song or what? I’ve seen too many topics which are somehow related to any of LP song. And maybe that’s the reason why I scored low marks in those subjects…

Yeah actually my exams was going on … so that’s why I took such a little long break :laughing:. Anyways how are you?

Don’t worry … we are always with you and yeah remember “Everything is gonna be fine”. :heart:


… fine fine fine :musical_score: :notes: :microphone: :sunny::sunny::sunny: Let’s start this Friday with Mike :sunny::sunny::sunny: always a pleasure- last Tuesday or so he posted an IG vid where he cuddled his dog… sooo cuuute :heart_eyes: and when I watched it again I realized Annas foot in the background of the vid… I was like: Awww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: that’s probably a well known situation for a lot of us- coming home, unwinding and being with beloved ones… :yellow_heart::hugs::hugs:- and ofc… if there is nobody at home we can come here… We are the family of our own choice… and families have rituals :star_struck: that brings me to
@HakManLP- iiiit’s WEP time :hugs::hugs::tada: hope you’re doing good? Have you Karneval too? Hope you have a few days off uni too! Stay strong :muscle:t2: :yellow_heart::hugs:

@anna834 happy to see you doing good again- and breaking the habit is my life-long project… :joy: it’s always on my mind :crazy_face: have a good time with your family- your grandma is better- right? Hug her tightly :hugs::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::sunny:

@Himan10 heey yo buddy- exams went well ? Nice your long short break is over :joy:

@evooba [spoiler]Dumbasses[/spoiler] sending you strength- and I know they can’t really touch you- You already made so much strong steps in your life- you’re far ahead on your way- take the strength that you definitely have :muscle:t2::muscle:t2: Hang in there :hugs:

@drounzer - @lpfan61- @AJ_7 @Linkineli - @zanybelle :yellow_heart::sunny::sunny::hugs: 10 tags limit :grimacing:

Ot :coffee:

Interesting view behind the surface - I wondered if you’re allowed to listen to music while working?? That would be so cool :tada: great you’ve a free weekend- good goodnight Andy @LP13413




Good morning you all! :slightly_smiling_face:
Sleep tight other side! :upside_down_face:
@Honey8 week is nearly over! :weight_lifting_woman: :hugs: :heart:

You painted it? Cool! :star_struck:
Are you through with moving? Are you now closer to work? 80 km a day is really f*** Sorry. Strength and a hug! :hugs: :revolving_hearts:

Thank you! :blush:

:flushed: f** them all!! You can do this!! It’s just getting through with it! In the end, it doesn’t matter what happened at uni, just that you have your certificate! :muscle: :hugs:

This just to tease me? :exploding_head: Feel free :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I have actually nothing against wolves, just wolf politics. And I love werewolves! The main character in my book can turn into a wolf. But she isn’t a werewolf.
So shoot alonge your pics! :star_struck: :wolf:

I can see, that it isn’t exiting work, especially doing it day in day out. So thank you for sharing this anyway! I find it totally interesting. I like seeing others doings. And love your pics in the when and where! :blush: :hugs: :orange_heart:

Blaming LP :flushed: no, NO :crazy_face:
Try harder! :kissing_heart: :hugs:

Yeah :crazy_face: the nice thing with it is still believing that some day we will succeed. :muscle:
Naja, this breaking the habit thing will probably never end :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

She is, for now. Got a blood transfusion. Younger blood seems to make miracles. :blush:
Starting to get the whole vampire thing! :joy:
Maybe I should propose it to her :laughing:
Thank you for your hugs and love and caring and I go looking for Annas food, great comment!
Love to you! :hugs: :yellow_heart:

@framos1792 checking in with us :exploding_head: Skillet let miracles happen! :joy:
Thanks for the share! :hugs: :black_heart:

Apropos share @HakManLP the concert stuff you have is piling up! :triumph:
Jk I know you are busy. Week is nearly done! :muscle: Can’t wait for the WEP :partying_face:

@justinkilmer you seem to have the mans flu :flushed: get better! Nearly weekend! :muscle: :hugs: :green_heart:

@drounzer you are with us! :hugs: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@anngelenee have you seen the new topic? :hugs: :two_hearts:

@lpfan61 you are slacking again :crying_cat_face: :crazy_face: :hugs: :green_heart: :heart:

And what’s with you @Lilyope this topic still doesn’t recognise your tag name! :kissing_heart: Thanks for joining the kill of the last one! :crossed_swords: :crazy_face: :hugs: :purple_heart:

@lplove hug for you :hugs: :brown_heart:

@alz89 how is it toothless? :skull: :hugs: :white_heart:

Slept at my mothers, as usual at the old bowling alley. With 4°C (39,2°F) not really comfortable. But with a woollen jacket, gloves, wool cap and a heated bottle it works. :joy:



Now I see :wink:

Ot: watching


Yeah. I was quite fed up with the ‘wooden’ colour. So I gave a new life to this piece of furniture.

Unfortunatelly not. It’s still the same neighbourhood that I used to live in.

And let it be for a long time.

@framos1792 - I haven’t seen you for ages.

@drounzer I’d like to refer to your situation at work. I think I experienced something like this at work as well. I’ve been working in this place for almost 14 years now. Many of this years I was ignored, overlooked in social situations, talked about behind my back. Everyday at work was as if it’d been my first day. I used to convince myself that it was only my work - my life was somthing out of there.
Now I must say I’m more or less accepted. They say: ‘You have changed for better! You stopped isolating yourself from the team’.
Come on, it wasn’t me. How should a new person join any team if they don’t feel welcome or invited?
However, I want to believe that generally people don’t have any bad intentions. Sometimes it’s all about missunderstandings, understatements, our expectations how it should be.

OT: it happens once in a decade - I had a manicure done (no hybrid however).


Hey Hello,

Thank you for your story. I work in a team of 22 people, everyone has their own experiences and background. It is annoying that out of 22 people, 16 are between 18 and 22 years old. They are still inexperienced (if I can put it that way). But a few of them do that they already have 20 years of experience, even though they have just left school, some are still in school! There is nothing wrong with that, but don’t pretend that you already know everything and that is the point that annoys me and 4 - 5 other people to.

Their attitude of knowing everything better and doing it their way annoys me. And they talk about everyone. Not everyone on the team is annoying. It is 4 people who make it annoying to be able to work. Even my management has difficulty dealing with it. They, too, sometimes do not know how to deal with it and how to address those 4 people, because they do not listen. If the leadership go home, then it’s free play for them. They can do what they want and say.

I am going back to work today after being free for a few days. Being able to empty my mind for a moment, but I am curious how things are going and what has happened and what has been said.

@anna834 Thanks you for you love :heart: and yes im with you :wink: hope things will be alread soon. :slight_smile:

It looks nice! Old wood house, i like it :smiley:

Going Twilight on her! :vampire: hahah :stuck_out_tongue: Call Edward, maybe he want to help :wink:
:joy: :joy:

That one was really cute, I saw it to. With one of his kids? :smiley:

Most annoying thing!! :expressionless:

How did the exams go? :wink:

Thank you love! You are beautiful! :heart: :kissing_heart:

What was going on? If you want to share :slight_smile: We are here for you to! Like you are there for me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How are you now? Hope the sickness is away! :blush:

Oh damn, there is you answer :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Hahahah :joy: :joy:

:joy: :joy: :joy: hahaha same here :crazy_face:



@HakManLP how are you man!? Happy Friday! :kissing_heart: Weeekend tomorrow! Gotta work :frowning:
@theearlywalker bonecrusher and love for you! :relaxed:

Take care lovely family! Have a good day! :smiley:


:joy: :point_up_2:


Hey earlywalker … All went great and to be honest, these days I’m bit worried about my skills. Only 6months left F completing the college and after then i want to prepare myself for jobs/internships. I don’t want to do Masters(it’s not because I’m not interested in further studies) it’s like, I know I can study new subjects by myself (I started self study last year in august and it’s still going on) but due to some financial problems, I really need to get a job but mom always saying that we have enough savings for your master studies… I know that she said this only for my better future but if I go for masters then she need to work continue her job for a private school and mom health wasn’t good few weeks back and she spent her entire life (after marriage) to that private school.

Hahahaha No No … I’m not blaming LP, I actually enjoyed singing LP songs while doing exams and yeah I passed all of them but i still don’t even regret or crying in corner for scoring low marks. :laughing:

Well, what if I say they went great? :confused: :laughing:
And brother, how are you?? I’m sure you’re doing great there…
Here’s a hard fist bump :facepunch: :facepunch:, lots of love and hugs :heart: to everyone out there


I’m currently enjoying some breakfast on my 9:00 morning break.

@theearlywalker Not this week, but I do normally blast music when I work nights. It keeps me busy mentally, and it’s a great way to make the long nights seem short.

Happy Friday everybody!