HEY U?! YEAH U! What are you doing right now?

Oh believe me, I hate the snow too. The 3rd batch is here now. :roll_eyes::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

And yes those are tshirts. You’ll see a symbol for a pack of 3 in the upper right hand corner.


Thanks so much AJ, I will :slight_smile:

Greetings back! Have a good evening man


Oh gosh… i feel stupid :unamused: :man_facepalming: i haven’t seen the symbol :man_facepalming: thanks :raising_hand_man:

I would love to learn it… i just have no time… :sweat_smile: good luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Bit the same… not much happend. :slightly_smiling_face: how are ya?

Hahahahaha nice :joy: :grin: :muscle: :sunglasses:

Luckily no snow here… :muscle: and happy for you it was just a little… if it snows here in the Netherlands, whole traffic is a disaster :unamused:

High five! Me too :star_struck: :relaxed: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Wow. that’s fucked… :neutral_face: how are you now? Boss was not mad about you where late?

@anna834 how are you? :kissing_heart:
@theearlywalker , @zanybelle bonecrusher :heartpulse: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Much love family. Take care
Believe in yourself! You are amazing!



No worries. Don’t feel stupid, sometimes when I’m looking for something… it’s usually staring me in the face. Lol


Hey @drounzer :blush: absolutely awesome pic and great words- that made my evening :heart_eyes: ty, biiig bonecrusher back to youuu :hugs::hugs::hugs:

… and ofc to you too dear @lplove :blush::hugs::hugs::hugs: hope you have a good day?!

Thanx @AJ_7 - :heart::hugs::hugs::kissing_heart: your words are like a warm shower :blush: you are wonderful- only the best for you :yellow_heart:

@HakManLP speedy recovery :+1:t2:, take care my friend!

@Linkineli awwww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: so nice to feel understood- thank you :blush:

@justinkilmer- @anna834 :eyes: where are youuuu?? Have a hug :hugs: and stay strong :muscle:t2:

Ot: Unwinding after work :relaxed:


I’m relaxing next to Thurman, ad watching the sun (it’s actually out today!) glistening off yesterday’s snow. After the kids had six days off for Thanksgiving (well, technically five plus the snow day), schools are back open today.

@AJ_7 It was a few years ago, but I found one of those in a book, too!



No more :smile: Thanks for asking.

Can’t complain, just a bit bored, also I’ve playing a lot CR and the keyboard (I learnt to play the Intro of In The End, in this month I’ll learn the rest of the song :sweat_smile: )

So beautiful! :heart_eyes:

On Topic: Checking out forum.


Good evening you all! :blush:
Good day to the other side! :sunny:

Yea, @justinkilmer where are you!!! No weekend anymore! No excuses! :crazy_face::hugs::green_heart:
And me? I’m here :partying_face::yawning_face::sleeping:

Thank you! :heart: Me too! But a whole day of ice rain costs. At least, the feeling to get indoors again is awesome! :sleeping_bed:

So cool! :star_struck:

:blush: Just can’t get enough of this :joy: so back at you! :kissing_heart:

So needed! :triumph:

How is it for you? Strength my dear! :weight_lifting_woman:


Apropos @evowarrior5 what’s up with you? Did you move back? New job? Take a hug :hugs::yellow_heart:

Always :flushed: back to you :orange_heart:

Thanks :star_struck:

Sigh :smirk: :joy::rofl: :hugs::two_hearts:


@anomalia :hugs::revolving_hearts:

:heart_eyes_cat::hugs: saw you tipping :hugs:

And you too @IronSoldier16 :hugs::blue_heart:

Here too! :blush: big hug :hugs::two_hearts:

December, the the 3rd

Nearly forgot:
So love Mikes video to fine. He is so cool! :star_struck::heart_eyes:


Thanks for the good vibes guys, today was a good day :slight_smile:

@drounzer, Those shirts are from a company called Peace and After owned by an artist named Azuma Makoto that paints lots of flowers.
And no, my manager was not mad, he knew there were issues with the tube (and I had also texted him to let him know) but he also knew I wasn’t even supposed to be in that early. He was cool, glad I even made it to work :stuck_out_tongue:


:sunny::yellow_heart::sunny: Good morning family :sunny::yellow_heart::sunny:

Already humpday :tada: yaay :confetti_ball: the countdown for the week goes on to finally reach the weekend again :joy:… sending strength and love to you all… stay warm and take care :heart::yellow_heart::hugs:

Ot: 2. :coffee:

@LP13413 goodnight Andy :blush: sleep well! :sleeping:


Good morning!!! :heart:

Last work day for me and then vacation :smirk: :hugs:
Im so ready for that… :blush:
Swimming in the pool, going to a spa… massage… :drooling_face: no work… no stress… love it… :yum:

Stay warm to Walker! (Whait… is that your last name? Can I give you a nickname? :stuck_out_tongue: :smirk:)

@evooba luckily you have a good bass. And great that he understands. :blush: Some bosses wouldn’t do that :neutral_face:
Stay warm and good luck today!

@zanybelle, @anna834, @Himan10 good morning!! :heart:

Ooh thanks… gonna check that out right now!!! :facepunch:

Makes it extra comfortable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: stay warm.


Like a train… :bullettrain_side:

Im off to work… Last Day!! ----> Weekend…:drooling_face:

Adios family :v:


So we got a shitload of snow, with the first storm… awesome! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’m so happy right now. :roll_eyes:
Why can’t things be fine like Mike says they will be?!? He’s so pretty, wtf.

@drounzer have a good vaca not at all jealous


Great day or night to all of you :hugs::green_heart:


December, may the 4th be ever with you



I’ve had enough fun for one day. Goodnight LPU!


Hey morning to all of you guys … and yeah @drounzer enjoy your vacation to the fullest :wink:
Hope you all are enjoying this last month of 2019…


Got results back for another assignment today, I passed so that’s good. Uni should be interesting, we have Petter Jenner coming in! :smiley: I’ll probably skip the evening class and come home to work more on the assignment.

Have a good day everyone!


Thank you @A_J @rickvanmeijel @theearlywalker @Honey8 @anna834 @HakManLP for your support! I feel better but still coughing a bit, i hope to be totally fine on saturday because I have planned to do a sort of escape game with friends and don’t want them to be sick because of me.

I received an advent calendar with chocolates in it for my birthday, I was happy until i tasted it :joy::joy::joy: It tastes awful, maybe too much sugar in chocolates.

Lunch time at home before going back to work.

Have a good day everyone :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Good evening :heart::hugs:
Hope everyone doing finey here!
Just a quick post.
I am no more a kid haha… never wanted to cross 18 :laughing: but anyways life happens and things grow old :older_woman: :joy:
Thanks everyone again for the wishes.

  • My results will be out around mid of January…and we are shifting new home at same time…
  • love for everyone who needs! :heart:

@Lilyope a squishy :hugs:
@theearlywalker hope your daughter is better soon! I am not sure of coming here more often but i do whenever i can :open_mouth: lots of responsibilies incoming … so will try to pop up as frequent as i can :hugs::tada::sunny::heart:

And :thinking: … Free long distance hug for @anna834 :joy::hugs::hugs:
Take care everyone!


Hey all! Happy Wednesday!

Sorr I missed out on yesterday :sweat_smile: had a lovely day at work… My computer took a [spoiler]shit[/spoiler] for majority of the day luckily It’s been sorted out for the most part. One program isn’t working so I’ll have to do some editing the long way… oh well at least I can work I guess :joy:

I enjoyed it too! Almost forgot it released yesterday and happened to look on Instagram and Mike was the first on there to remind me :joy:

@drounzer Hope you have/had a good work day, and hope the vacation goes great!

Oh you’re screwed now! it all goes down hill now :joy: Kidding enjoy your Birthday!! :smile::tada:

OT: back to work I go! Have a great day all!!


Santa: What do you want for Christmas?



Damn, I want to see live them for 3rd time

OT: It’s cold - so more coffee helps :crazy_face: