HEY U?! YEAH U! What are you doing right now?

December 1st 2019…

  • Brad Delsons 42nd bday! Since the man doesn’t check social media, Mike has taken it upon himself to text all messages. Note the time, yes… that’s 8AM, hahahaha. Last message count was at 943 + random messages within.


  • why does marriage have to be so hard? :pensive::thinking: I have so many thoughts going thru my head. Don’t dare to write any of the truth down in case someone finds it. Also not sure if I should bring it up at my therapy session that I yet to finally have.

Happy December everybody! It’s already the last month of the year :open_mouth: Wishing you all a great month ahead and let’s make sure we finish this year on a high note!


Instead of having to work at 3 o’clock today (now), I got a call asking me to work at 6 instead to shovel our entrance ways before we get pounded with snow again tonight.

I also have to work in the morning (provided schools aren’t closed). On a normal day, my day would start at 7am. I had to reset my alarm.


I’ll take pictures of the snow later, but for now here’s a kneading kitty.

DSCN2988 DSCN2989


Four in the morning in Europe, what to greet at this hour? :thinking:
Sleep tight a little longer :sleeping:
Good evening to the other side :blush:
@Honey8 running the day, big hug :hugs::heart:

Wide awake after I missed the whole evening. Just passed out after work. So why not bring this to use :grin:

Ok :grin:
I just started, and I go with this

I love to wrap myself in this shirts, let me feel conections.
And I don’t have the feeling it is that much overpriced, comparing to normal shirts. But true, with LP and Mike merge it buggs me a little, that they don’t look for production backgrounds.
There are bands better this way.
I go to a lot of small Concerts and if I like the performance and they have cool Tees, I buy one. To remember the evening and I know, it’s now adays one of the few ways to get a little bit of money for what you are doing.

@anngelenee @framos1792 listen to smarty pans here. :hugs::heart:

We always compare marriage as landing together in an harbour. But the opposite is the case, it’s going out on open sea with an really ill prepared ship. Marriage is work, you both have to invest.
I can’t give much advice, I have a shipwrecked marriage myself. Sigh.
And I don’t believe in thinking backwards and what could I have done differently.
But I would say, the therapy session is exactly the place to start to talk about this.
Depends on the form of therapy.
Mine back then was to much solution orientated :roll_eyes: at least from my few today.

Same :exploding_head: yesterday, dang, 2020 :astonished:


Looking forward to it :star_struck: still love snow pics! :blush:

And to you :thinking: stay strong? Keep it up?
Foremost a big hug :hugs::green_heart:

Bonecrushing hug to @anomalia :hugs::revolving_hearts:

@Lilyope so hope, you get this week started well :crossed_fingers:
Don’t overdo it :pleading_face::hugs::purple_heart:

Second of December


:sunny::sunny: Good morning family :sunny::sunny:have a good start into this new week- :blush: :muscle:t2: xmas break is near ( imo the only good thing about this celebration- since the meaning of it got lost on the way… :roll_eyes:)

@lplove I know this feeling too- allow yourself to think these thoughts- the therapy is the best place to speak about it. Sending you strength to do this :muscle:t2::muscle:t2::hugs::hugs:

@drounzer nice new thread - it sounds like you’re on a good way! Have a great Monday :blush::sunny::sunny:

@HakManLP goooood moooooorning :sunny::sunny::sunny:

@anna834 lol, very early shifter today :joy:, have a great Monday :yellow_heart::hugs:

Ot: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

@lp13413 oh… you really have to be very flexible for your job :muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2: - stay strong, sleep well and cuddles for your Bruce Springsteen cat :cat:- soooo cute again :heart_eyes:


Good morning. :relaxed:

Thanks, yeah i had this topic on my mind for a while now and I ask myself if it was good to share it. I did… i want to help people and somewhere i thought i was good to share this. I want it out of my system. I hope somewhere it helps people, to understand things. Never i want is to hurt people. But thanks for the support, i like that :heart: :pray: :hugs:

@anna834 good morning sweetie, couldn’t sleep? What’s on your mind? :hugs: i liked to photos your shared yesterday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: with the sheeps. I love it to be in the open field, with nature and animals. :blush: no city or cars or anything. Just nature and animals. :yum:

:heart: :heart:

@lplove i always compare my life with a train. There are people who enter the train (my life) go with my for a couple of months /maybe years. Then go out the train (my life) and then someone new enters. And my family stays in the train forever.
And relations are hard. That’s for sure. When you in a relationship with someone. It has to be natural. No pushing things or anything. It needs to come from love. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Time flies. 2020 is coming. :fireworks: :champagne:

@LP13413 seeing to photo of your cat makes me tired. :rofl: it’s laying there. Just chilling, relaxing. :ok_hand: :joy: sounds like me.

Jep. But somewhere i have to many. I like wearing suites and a couple of weeks ago a friend was shocked i wear a Skillet tshirt under my blouse :rofl:

Im off to work.

Much love family :v:


Yep yep! Super strong! :smiley: You’ll be enjoying bat home with him again soon!

Yep! Everything going fine… some home issues getting sorted out. Shifting slowly into new home taking small small things at a time. We’ll stay in this same till January though
And what else :thinking: yeah prolly my results will be out in January too… till then i have lil free time to create, but busy with some errands and housework most of the day…

That’s nice! Start of the year with holidays! :partying_face: you can relax a bit. Hang in there you are super strong! :muscle:

That’s called an old soldier who’s been here since looong time :joy:

With mee too! Especially LP and NF songs!!

Looks beautiful!! I loved it! :heart:

Never late for a sweet big hug i guess :hugs::hugs::heart:

Such a nice message! I love the chester picture there! :heart:

With sweet lik kitty :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: hope you enjoyed!!

Nah it doesn’t. I am :alien:

Awww squishy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: thank you!!! :hugs::hugs::hugs:

That’s beautiful! Where’s that??

I am doing great! I was just busy these days as dad came home…so lil extra work around the house then we went out… i got new phone :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and we had dinner out as well, then some extra errands… no time to come here haha. How are you? All well your side?! Hope you had good time with family :hugs::heart:

@Lilyope i hope you are feeling fine now . Ger well soon! Here a big squishy :hugs::hugs::hugs::heart:

Thank you soo much! I checked out everything german :joy: just love those sheeps haha :sheep:

Here too?! :joy::joy: Uf @framos1792 i feel for ya!

That’s superr sweet of you my dear!! Hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving :heart::hugs::blue_heart:
How is your daughter feeling now? Will her leg cure soon?

Ikr no idea how fast this year went! Feels like it was just some days ago when 2019 started and we were talking about new year resolutions. Just a month to end!
Well, how have you been? Didn’t hear much from you… Holidays or still with work?

Lot’s of love to everyone!! Keep smiling and ket the positive vibes flow! :heart::hugs::blue_heart::purple_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart:


I feel the same way, this year went by incredibly fast.

Busy with school as usual. I’ve been looking for an internship but haven’t had much success finding one, which caused some stress along the way. Today I’ve finally been invited for an interview for next week, so I’m really hoping this will be the right one. Holidays will start in three weeks, I’m longing for it!

How have you been??


Good Morning all and happy Monday!

Been MIA for the last few days trying to not use my phone as much as I have been. My 5 day weekend if finally over and now back to reality once again :sob::sob::joy:

Yup! I’ve been eyeing it for a while now :joy: I’ve been dropping some hints for Christmas so if I don’t get it I’ll cave and just buy it myself :joy:

33 AM
38 AM

Well you dogs are more active than mine :joy: I mean I guess the girls run like maniacs around the house for a good hour or so every time we get home :joy: Doesn’t matter if its 30 minutes or a few hours.

I’ve got a busy day today but if I can I will check in and try to catch up with everyone! Hopping you all have a great day!!


I had an earrrrrrly start to my day, and schools ended up closing halfway through my shoveling. Now I’m sitting with my feet up in front of South Park.


Thx to those who answered my marriage question. :purple_heart:
Obviously no one has to answer but does anyone here live on the gulf side of Florida?

Round 1 is complete. Round 2 has begun :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:




Today has been hell. I was supposed to start late at work (11am) and finish early (by 2pm) (cause we had some admin stuff to deal with) but I got a text from my manager in the morning that one member of staff didn’t show up. Of course I wanted to go in earlier and help but DAMN, the freaking piccadilly line was down so everyone was either taking the bus (I was refused entrance in 2 buses) cause it was too crowded or Ubers. I managed to get a hold of one after HALF an hour! It was chaos! I arrived at work about 1,5 hours after I had left my house (and I’m only a short 15min bus ride away). Madness. And obviously it was super busy and other things happened and I ended up staying till close. So yeah… and now I need to start on an assignment for uni and hope to finish it on time.


:sunny::yellow_heart::sunny: Good morning family :sunny::yellow_heart::sunny:

… when I opened the louvres yesterday I was like WTF :bangbang: there was SNOW :scream: god bless it was not so much that I had to shovel… :sweat_smile: :thinking: do I have to state that I hate winter? And snow? And cold? Or is it already obvious!!! :joy::joy: - I’m a summer sunshine :sunny: soul- future plan is to someday move to the south… somewhere where there is spring all over the year :heart_eyes:… my vision of a perfect place :heart: … but yeah… reality is another atm-

I guess life is about dealing with circumstances and people we would wish to be diverse- so it’s a fight over long phases … good that we have this place here to rant ( like I do atm- somehow I’m in the mood to spit it all out :face_vomiting:… ) to get a good word from people understanding and to share the most powerful feeling in the world: LOVE :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart: - let’s be aware of each other and stand together- ALWAYS :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart: We are the CHANGE !!

@Honey8 :hugs::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::kissing_heart: so nice to find your post and congos for your new phone :tada::tada: finally! Enjoy - and I hope the forums will see you more often from up now?? :heart: would be soooo great :hugs::blush::kissing_heart:

@evooba … what a bad day :hugs: sending you strength and good working flow for the assignment :muscle:t2::hugs:

@justinkilmer good luck getting it giftet :crossed_fingers:t2:- I’ll buy it myself… and thanx for the link- gonna go and pack me my xmas gift box :package: :blush::+1:t2::hugs:

@HakManLP :loudspeaker: goooood moooorning :sunny::sunny:- how’s your week so far?

@drounzer II would really freak out if :clap:t2: someone would wear a merch shirt under a suite - my definition of a cool style!! :clap:t2:

@anna834 & @lplove bonecrushers :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: stay strong girls :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

And to you all: have a good day soldiers- :sunny: Stay strong :muscle:t2: and keep the faith :heart:

Ot: getting ready for work

@LP13413 thanx for the link! Sending you strength and have a good nights rest my friend!


Sending you strength @theearlywalker. Life can be hard but it’s the little moments that make it all worth it. Keep dreaming about that sunshine place because you never know when it will become a reality! I’m hoping it happens much sooner than you think.

@evooba That sucks. I hope today is a better day. Good Luck with your assignment. Hoping smooth times ahead for you.

@anna834 as always :hugs: :heart: from me

Oh Rick this is brilliant! I know how much stress you have for this. Good Luck and please keep me updated! Keeping my fingers crossed.

@HakManLP I came out of hibernation to say hello to you! :joy:

@drounzer I hope you are well!

Sending strength to @StephLP18, @chigokurosaki and @IronSoldier16 ! I hope you all are well!

@gatsie It’s been a while! I hope you are well!

On topic: Was so happy to see this in a book I was reading!


Have a great day everyone!


Zakopane, Poland :slight_smile:

We need to find two snowmans who’s get married and will be cool :snowman_with_snow: :joy:



@AJ_7 I am doing well, and it’s been awhile since we talked so how are you doing



Can someone tell me , are this tshirt? Mike posted them? The design look awesome. . :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I did it too :rofl::heart_eyes::metal:t2: Just a merch collectors life :rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::crazy_face:

beautiful but I “hate” snow :rofl:

so f’cking busy and I’m little bit sick but “… a fighter never quits” :muscle:t2: like Dropkick Muprhys sing

yes, thank you mate :star_struck::metal:t2:

I heard from this place - it’s a famous place for ski jumping right?

But you took a little bit time and just wrote it down so good to hear from you :blush:

I think another artist which has influence, relations or even more with Mike?

Oh no, what a crisis - damn :expressionless::sweat:
Hopefully you’ll finish it in time

South Park? The series? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

YES! :star_struck:

also greetings to @anna834 @lpfan61 @zanybelle @rickvanmeijel @Linkineli @Lilyope @framos1792 @melisLP and all others soldiers, who I couldn’t tag :heart::metal:t2:

hope this one here makes your tuesday a bit better

Chester red hair

maybe some good music and awesome screams would help me to get power again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::metal:t2::heart:

OT: waiting for the new Mike Shinoda music video for “fine”


Awesome!:heart_eyes: i once read a book with a song list at the end and i was very excited to find Linkin Park with i think it was waiting for the end :blush:

Yeah i think it’s one of the most important things in life to have people you can trust amd share love with, who understand you and are always there,even if the circumstances are changing…:heart::heart::heart:i hope the best circumstances are coming for you,with a warm future in a summer region​:relaxed::parasol_on_ground::sun_with_face:

Yes they do😍 i love how mike has shown us more art stuff recently😊
Ot: i have piano lesson later and now i need to get a huge essay done til tomorrow​:expressionless::roll_eyes: