HEY U?! YEAH U! What are you doing right now?

Big hug to you!

I’m making my lunch for work tomorrow, and then I’m going to bed.

Stay strong, @hilaryfol!

Goodnight Andy @LP13413 :crescent_moon:

Stay strong @hilaryfol :hugs::muscle:t2:

Ot: :coffee: & :iphone: & :sweat_drops:

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How? What happened to her? :hugs:

O.t. Studying spanish
@hilaryfol I am sorry…:frowning:

@hilaryfol so sorry to hear… sending strenght and hugs! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Try to change that hurting feeling in a way that you can celebrate your friend’s life.
Death is just a part of life, something we all have to go through one day or another…
So try not to dwell yourself in dark thoughts and self compassion but instead look back at the good times you had with that person, honor her life by remembering it in a positive way :heart:


Beautiful words from @Fravaco :pray:t2: take care @hilaryfol, it’s a difficult time now but it will get better, I promis :kissing_heart: cherish the lovely memories you have with your friend.

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I think it won’t work to celebrate someone’s life just after she/he died. It needs time, it needs tears, it needs anger to come to terms with the loss.


Good morning all!

@hilaryfol so sorry for your loss! We are all sending you strength! :hugs::muscle:
It’ll get better!

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Not necessarily… One doesn’t rule out the other…
But of course that is something to go through by yourselr and that process is different for everyone

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So sorry for your loss @hilaryfol sending you strength :muscle:t2::hugs::muscle:t2::hugs:

Sending you strength @hilaryfol :hugs::hugs::hugs::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

Finished watching Ripper Street and cried, :cry::cry:

Going to work

Finally home from work. Getting ready for a crazy 4 day weekend!

Well I finally caved! I bought an Air freshener clip to put on my fan at work because of the temp. See What Grinds Your Gears Thred for more


Another sleepless night… Start with a movie and then maybe some writing…


Writing is great :slight_smile:
Helps me with anything!
By the way, like your new profile!

First day family Easter.
Exhausted. So I can sure sleep now.

Good night everyone!
And good morning and good day!
Like to think about you all in different time zones!


The Yankees are on, and I’m about to heat up dinner.

I have the next three days off, and I really fucking needed it.