HEY U?! YEAH U! What are you doing right now?

Hey @justinkilmer :partying_face:

Great, really! Tees!
Will you do some for your bachelor party?

Good work day to you! :hugs:


Is one of the T-shirts expected to be a part of the trophy?

I hope… :thinking:

They also must have been soaked in koala tea.


That could be arranged :joy: :thinking:

@anna834 Hi!! :wave::smile:

and thanks! I’ve thought about it! Might have too!
If I do I may end up running some designs by you guys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In that case, I want a trophy too!


Prepare some koala tea then!

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@anomalia I will work on a design for you then :wink: haha (Not a huge fan of using pre-designed shirts)

@anna834 I could get you a trophy as well :joy:


:blush: thank you! :heart: :hugs:

OT: dinner done, me tired, going to sleep early and tomorrow early shift :muscle:


Thank you! Could not sleep very well, the day was hot too, but I’m hoping for a little thunder tonight. Hope everything regarding the oven at your side is ok. :kissing_heart::hugs:

Sounds good!! :grinning::+1::revolving_hearts::blossom:

You’re great! Thank you!
(BTW, I wanted to write “you two are so sweet”, not you too :wink:)

I’m so sorry my sweetheart! Hope the day passed quick and you can enjoy the evening! :kissing_heart::hibiscus:

Great to hear!! :+1:

This shirts are looking great!!! Specially the LP one!!! Are you doing this a lot? How are you doing them? They are awesome!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I wish you good luck!! When I did it, it wasn’t a big deal. I hope the same for you! :kissing_heart::tooth:

What trophy? Sorry I don’t know. :flushed:

Are you seriously telling you could probably design cool shirts??? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman: What do I have to do for it??? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Sleep well and have a good day tomorrow!! :kissing_heart::rosette:

Wish you all a good night and tomorrow a sunny day who is not too hot! :wink::kissing_heart::hugs::bouquet:


Trying to sleep but wide awake as stressed with work!


Fresh home from another bike ride, and preparing to make my lunch for tomorrow.

Since today was July 1st, my schedule flips for the next couple months. I’m working days from now until September.

I hope you all had/have a great day!!


Good morning everyone! :hugs:
And good evening! :grinning:

Should hop out of bed to jump in the next work day.
But after this never ending last one … I don’t know.
It’s not helping, have to run.

Stay strong everyone! :muscle:


About to leave for work…

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Jump somewhere around Post 6370 to see.

You come to work and as a result of no Input from the others you’ve got nothing to do… :rage:

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Sending strength @alz89!

OT: Enjoying my first coffee of the day, I’m finally off! Will try and get as many things done as possible but also relax.


Good Morning all!!

Thanks! The LP one is my favorite one by far - for obvious reasons haha…

I went to college for Graphic Design and shirt design is one of the many things you can create - also one of my many favorite things to do.
I am trying to do a side business and I have had a few orders so there is progress yay :smile:
I design them in a program called Adobe Illustrator and print then using a special ink. After that I use a heat press and it transfers onto the shirt.
I actually really enjoy doing it and wouldn’t mind doing it more and eventually even make a shop out of it, it’s a pipe dream but it’s a goal! :smile:

There is a forum here where I’ve posted past designs I think its “Playing With The Drawing Tools” but been a while since I’ve posted in there haha :sweat_smile:

Thanks! haha I’m sure it’ll be okay just have to make myself worry – just how I work :joy:

@alz89 sending you strength hope everything went/is going okay!!

Hope you get some relaxation in!! :smile:

OT: I’m just starting my first coffee of the day as well :coffee: I’ve had an old friend tell me he wants to start selling shirts and would like me to make some designs for him so we will see where this goes! A bit excited but also just happy it gives me some design time (probably where my happiest place is)

Hope you all have a great day!!


Hey guys- nice to find you all here and to get aware who is farting today :joy: and your shirts are awesome Justin- I always knew you can do big things :blush::muscle:t2::sunny::sunny: (besides farting :joy::joy:)

ok- as you can see from this post I’m braindead :dizzy_face:, melting :hot_face: and hoping the coffee I’m drinking rn will help me to survive :partying_face: hugs to you all :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Ot: buz-buz-buzzy :honeybee:

Have a good day family :blush::hugs:


Thanks I appreciate it!! :hugs: :smile:
Hey now I take pride in my farts :joy: :joy::joy: – okay that was hard to type without laughing

Hope you enjoy yours as well and hope you don’t melt too much!


Thank you, I checked it and I really like your designs. I would definetly buy the LP one from you. But I guess the tax to send to Europe would be very expensive. But I’m sure in your country there are a lot who would be happy to buy some shirts from you. [quote=“justinkilmer, post:6408, topic:40470”]
I actually really enjoy doing it and wouldn’t mind doing it more and eventually even make a shop out of it, it’s a pipe dream but it’s a goal

So it would say go for it!!! :heart_eyes::+1:

Everything ok? :wink: It’s already done? :slightly_smiling_face:

The same here! :anguished: Big hug back :kissing_heart: and hope you will get a evening a little bit cooler :ocean:! And for all the others too! :sweat_drops::bouquet::kissing_heart:


Thanks really appreciate it!
You know I’m not sure :thinking: lol If I figure out how shipping cost work I’d be more then happy to send you one. I’ll keep you all posted :smile:

sadly not until Friday lol, but at least I’ll have 3 days to relax afterwards


:ok_woman::ok_woman::heart_eyes::ok_woman::ok_woman:Yeahy!!! Yeahy!!! Yeahy!!! Oh, that would be awesome! I would be really really proud!!! Thank you!! :kissing_heart::+1::grin:[quote=“justinkilmer, post:6412, topic:40470”]
I’ll have 3 days to relax afterwards

Ok! Sounds good! :blush: