Guess the music video

I didn’t even know that one existed. How many Reanimation ones are there and why isn’t it on the LP channel?

lol diputs os s’tI. ti ekil mees t’nseoD ?oediv PL laiciffo na kiht sI.

Here’s the Reanimation Music Video Playlist:

Writing backwards is even more idiotic…

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I’m so confused right now. They did videos for the entire Reanimation? And MTV had the rights? I still find it really hard to believe these are official.

deedni gnisufonc yrev si ti

reanimation actually has a lot of music videos, and many still come up from somewhere.

Maybe the official page should show what’s actually correct, or we will keep on wondering.

Anyways, who’s next?

I’ll go, I’m basing my descriptions on nothing but colour. I’m not going to list obscured ones, only those that are noticeable or significant in the vid:


Breaking The Habit?

No 10 characters

I know I am 100% wrong, but I will try: Iridescent?

Not that either

Final Masquerade?

No, but close (that I think was a give-away)

Until its Gone lyric video

Late to the discussion, but yeah, they’re semi-official videos. They made videos for all the songs (aside from Buy Myself, Pts.Of.Athrty, Frgt/10, and maybe Enth e Nd) to play on MTV when the album came out, but none were really Linkin Park related. I played the Krwlng one in a few times. The P5ng Me Aw*y one is pretty screwed up if I remember correctly, I believe it’s about a cannibal.

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Yeah, they seemed weird to be something they’d do lol. Thanks for the info.

I dunno (still) how to quote a post but @triplexero you wrote in post 235 “buy myself” lol I find the post this morning and at least laughing my ass off in a good way, pl answer: how much is the fish?

Ok. Let’s try this game once more.

Guess what music video this is:

1 It’s an old recording.
2 The song is annoying and repetitive.
3 The man singing in it has a scary smile throughout the entire song.

I dunno, Enth E Nd?