Guess the music video

Crawling (Duh.)

Finally, haha

OK now guess:


keyes to kingdom

Since when did KTTK have an official music video?

dunno only a try, don´t know much ab videos they´ve made, just for gaming
ot have all a nice day, works calling … :moneybag:

the only vid that i know about insects is papercut…

Immediate give-away lol

Lost in the echo?

Nope. Hint: insect

That was a wild guess, I don’t watch the MVs and when I do I don’t bother remembering them.

I would have said Papercut too. Can’t think of any other video.

I think it’s “What I’ve Done”.

Seriously, all of you are wrong!!!

new divide?

In The End!

Sigh… Really???

Give us a hint.

Not yet, I can get this. Give me some time…

In the end
One step closer
Cure for the itch
Kyur4 th ich
Breaking the habit
From the inside
Somewhere I belong
What I’ve done
Shadow of the day
Bleed it out
Given up
Leave out all the rest
New Divide
Burning in the skies
Waiting for the end
The catalyst
Not alone
Castle of class
Lost in the echo
Burn it down
Lies greed misery
A light that never comes
Guilty all the same
Until it’s gone
Final masquerade

Is it one of those? ( answer in yes or no, be honest)

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So many music videos in your answer, but you still missed the needle in the haystack.

Hint: @LPLive has the VOB of this music video in the cache of the their website:

Oops y’all can deduce what the music video is from the link,
####y’all have admitted defeat & the correct answer is: