Guess the music video

Ok. Here’s another game idea. Describe a music video by Linkin Park or some other well known musician and have the others guess which one it is. The one who guessed the right music video gets to describe another music video.

How it goes:

  • Use 3 clues to describe the music video of your choice
  • Don’t use the title of the song of the videoclip in your description
  • Only use official music videos. [To keep it fair]
  • When two people guess right in twin-posts [post at the exact same time], the post that shows up 1st in the thread wins.
  • obviously if you’re not able to guess the video of the previous poster, you don’t get to describe your own video.

Ok. Let’s give this a try then. [This one’s pretty easy I think]

1 There’s fists pumping in the air
2 One of the guys in the band empties a water bottle.
3 Blinding lights.

Meteora video: Faint

you got it right!


  1. A clip of grass growing quickly.
  2. The ground looks simpler to a effect from a previous video from the bands earlier in their career.
  3. Two members stand on a spinning disc near the end of the video.

What I’ve Done! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

1 Some toys
2 One of the members is sleeping.
3 A bunch of monks

Somewhere I belong

  1. A live video.
  2. Clips of a movie.
  3. A secret fictional life of a president.

Powerless. Am I right? (Although it says it’s a trailer) (My father has the DVD of this movie)

Ok guess this video:

  1. Mainly LP Members sitting around.

  2. I don’t see this video in LP’s youtube channel (perhaps it’s not available in my country idk)

  3. The camera movements make it look a bit 3D.

Maybe Papercut?

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Papercut maybe?

Also, if we focus only on LP vids, we’re going to finish quite quickly. We should make it way harder by doing all sorts of artists.

-A bunch of heads
-Terrible CGI
-Looks to be a video game

Lol, exact same replies at the same time :joy:

idk… have not any idea

what about this;

  1. people threatened by guns
  2. chazzy never dies
  3. chazzy’s sexiest underwear

Shadow of the day


Bwahahahahahahahah (@intheend style) Y’all are all wrong!!!

It’s Blackbirds (The clue is u won’t find it in LP’s channel),

Ans: Pts. Of Athrty (Not sure if spelt correctly)

I had no clue that there was an MV for it.


  • It features Mike’s best friend (hint: his name is Trevor)
  • Horns
  • Milk

There’s actually an alternate ending where it’s believed he dies, or joins the riot, as his bag is thrown to the ground:

Crap video, but, yeah

That wouldn’t qualify as a vid in my book. More sort of a pic/ photo montage. Also was Dave playing a cello at 2:08 or am I completely blind?