Guess the music video

no. it’s not linkin park related.

Ummm… I guess I’ll never know, cuz there are zillions of music videos. :frowning:

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Oh I know what it is…:disappointed:


YES that is correct, well done @the_termin8r1 hahaha :joy: :laughing: :joy:

I could never had guessed it.

I remember her being obsessed with it but when I read about the creepy smile I knew what it was.

MUHAHAHAHAHA! OK so @the_termin8r1 you get to have us guess a video too, since you had the right answer.

I can’t think of anything ATM. I’ll post when I think of one.


Guess the video!!!

  1. The singer is singing on a roof
  2. People below him are creating things with their bodies
  3. The video color scheme is tan or brown

Oh wow, I completely forgot this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it this?

What the hell…

You didn’t even try you buttsniffer!

What? You no like tan mom? Ok ok…

Is it this?

I should have never tried to revive this post…

Awwwwwwww! No this is fun. Ok let me guess again.

Is it this one?