Getting in Front Row / Munich

Hey Guys,

do you have any tips for getting as far to the front row as possible? Sadly i have to work on the day of the concert, so im arriving one or two hours before they let us in. Otherwise i would be ready to stand in line for half a day

Thank you for any tips!


Barge past everyone in the line and hope you don’t get your head kicked in? :joy: Or, more realistically, get in touch with people going to the concert and ask if they can hold your place in the line.


Arriving one or two hours early should get you pretty far ahead I think.


trust me - one or two hours before the start is too late here in germany to get nearly the front row :sweat_smile:


1-2 before the start is too late anywhere I think.


Keep in mind it’s not LP, it’s just Mike. Then again, I’ve never been to a concert in Germany

I just hope people stay or get back to normal- the last shows here in Germany were almost supposed to bring beef into the family due to this **** :speak_no_evil: lining up contest… I just pray for an early entree contest or sth like this… :pray:t2:

yep and that was really disgussting.

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I know a lot of people line up early for the shows. Check Twitter and Facebook groups to see if you can find/make a friend who is camping out and will let you get in line with them! Wishing you the best!

I don’t really think that’s fair, because with each place in line someone keeps free- the rest is pushed further behind… anyway, it’s a free country. Since I had the pleasure to be FR already several times - I wish you all the best …


Lining up contest?!

Hopefully it will be less crazy than last year, now that there are 7 shows in Germany.
I was at the show in Cologne last August (first of only 2 headlining shows in Germany). Had to travel all the way from Switzerland, so I only got there 2 hours before the doors opened. That meant about 2/3s to the back from the stage. The first people started to line up at 5 am!
So, good luck to you! And please, be respectful to the people who wait in line all day.

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And please, be respectful to the people who wait in line all day.

100% agree. I’ll be there in the morning I guess, I am going alone so if anyone wants to join me :smiley:
But yeah, keeping a free space in the row for someone who’s coming way later is simply not fair for those waiting all day. Saw that tons of times in Cologne :confused:


Awww, really love to find your answers - that’s soldiers spirit, and it will be a great show - from what spot ever… You guys are great and I wish you all good luck for a good spot and for the m&g contest! Maybe we can have a lpu meet after the show? To have a beer together? Would be cool - lpu rules :heart_eyes::heart:


Especially with you @theearlywalker hahah we had great moment after the show, taking a beer with all the group😍… Really…

Hey, all LPU family, you must meet @theearlywalker :blush:

(Wish you a Nice Day by the way)

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1 to 2 hours is definitely not enough - I went to a Mike concert 2 hours beforehand and the queue was already snaking. The first people were there 4 hours before the start of the concert. :disappointed:

Guys, I need your help. I have something in mind, I’ll try to explain it as easy and clean as I can.
I’m going in Padova 15/03, then I’ll go in Zurich (my ex roommate is hosting me) to see the show 17/03. If I leave from Zurich 18/03 at midday I can arrive in Munich at 5 pm and at the venue at about 18 pm.
My questions are:

  1. since I will be alone, do you think it is too crazy to do it?
  2. if I book the ticket now, will it arrive in time in Zurich (at my roommate house)? I mean, before 17/03?
  3. is it easy to reach the venue from the railway station by bus or metro or smth?
  4. after the show in Munich I should leave from the venue and get to the railway station at 2.35 am. Do you think it’s too dangerous? Bad people there? Or is it safe?

I would like soooo much to see Mike perform APFMH live, and he’ll not perform it in Padova, nor in Zurich…
If I do it, I’ll have to keep everything secret and not tell my mom or she will get crazy.
What do you think? Should I do it or not?

… I try to answer your questions now since I’m from Munich ( or nearby) …

  • for the circumstances I can tell you you’re normally save in Munich- I mean … something can happen always- but under normal conditions there is a really low risk

  • maybe buy an e-ticket to print it out? I have no idea how long it takes to ship a ticket to Zurich… but there can possibly be a risk since there are two weekends between today and the 18th …

  • best way to reach the venue is by underground- U6 and then ca. 700 m by foot

  • yes, you’re definitely crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:- but who isn’t? And if you really want it, do it. It’s an experience that you’ll never forget and that will charge you with positive energy …

It’s a great adventure that you’ve planned… :joy: But be aware that arriving at the venue at 5pm is definitely not FOS nor near to it, that’s what I knew from my experiences… and I wish you all the best for your trip :blush: and a question from myside now: how’d you know he’ll play APFMH in Munich? Did I missed something?

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Thanks a lot for the answer! I’m trying to get as more opinions as I can…I’m afraid that I’m thinking too “far” and I want someone to pull me back on heart or to push me to do it.

Later I will try to do a list of pros and cons :bowing_woman:t2:
The thing is:

I’m not sure if I can print at home the ticket…for Padova and Zurich shows it was not possible :sob: and yeah, I thought that too, two weekends…not enough days…

I was writing here even to see if someone else has the same “timetable” as mine…I mean, maybe we could go together and come back at the station together…so that we won’t be alone :confused:

And yeah, 6 pm is TOOOO late!! I will be all the way behind! And if I win (it won’t happen, buuuuut if it haaaaappens…:sob:) the m&g will it be too late to show up there?

And something else, my ex roommate is hosting me, this means that she’s carrying me all the way around…and on sunday 17/03 I won’t be with her all the day…so maybe it would be rude from me to leave on monday at midday instead of staying with her… :confused:

Thanks a lot for the wishes! c: I really can’t wait. I’m shaking!!!
I saw that in Munich Don Broco will be there with Mike (not happening in Padova and Zurich, shitty groups)! And I saw that everytime that they’re there Mike plays APFMH with them. That’s why I supposed that it will be the same on 18/03

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If you really want to do it (and you can afford it) you should do it. :wink:
Also tell your friend about it. I’m sure they’ll understand.

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the opening act in Munich is “TIAVO”, not Don Broco. But maybe Mike will play APFMH with them? You never know.

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