Mike Shinoda Meet and Greet Munich

Hi there, I was just wondering how many of you guys are attending to the show in Munich and try to get to the Meet and Greet in Munich.

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Hi! I’m going from St. Petersburg (Russia) to a concert in Munich. I really hope to win the meeting with Mike!))

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Same thread here

I’m attending the show in Munich and I’m trying to get a M&G there! But I’m attending another three shows, hopefully I’ll get one at least :joy:
But I wish everyone who’s trying to get one Good Luck! We’re all one family and everyone deserves it! :blush:


Hi, I’m also attending the show in Munich and try to get a M&G. Hopefully it works this time. Good Luck everyone :slight_smile:


Coming from Spain with my girlfriend who gave it to me as a present. But no email yet for the m&g so…

I think tonight we can expect to get a mail

Hi guys! Going to the show in munich… :star_struck: please let me know if you’ve received an e-mail for the m&g already. I’m checking my mails every 5 minutes now :smile: buuuut didn’t receive anything until now. Sooo let me know :slight_smile:


M & G…!!!..u guys suck…!!..of course I’m kidding, JEALOUS is more like it…!!..
When ya speak with Mike, please tell him that Mark from New York is ready & waiting to personally show him the town…!!..Could you just imagine he responds with
“…Hey there Mark, it’s Mike. I read your post on LP and funny you should offer your services. As it just happens to be, I’ll be flying into NY in a few weeks & was wondering if maybe, only if ur not too busy, maybe you could pick me & the boys up at the airport…??”…
…Yes I’m well aware of my wild imagination…!!..
But, just at the outside chance that you (Mike) does read this, YES YES YES YES YES, I’ll be there…!!!..Peace…Mark.

Nothing on my mail yet! Also checking every once in a while ha!

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Ive got one!!! OMG i cant belive it!!!


When did u get the mail @theplaya? Congrats, have fun!!
Im not lucky this time

Thank you :smile: 03:19am.


Niiiiiice :blush: congrats!!!
I’m still waiting for mine haha
I guess I can stop checking my mails every 5 minutes now :sweat_smile:

O…M…G…!!!..I got an invite…!!..This is serious shit…!!..what the heck am I gonna do…!!!..Hmmmmmm, ok brain :brain: think…!!..Step 1) Calm the fk down,
2) Start saving $$$, 3) Think of a good excuse for disappearing for like a month or so, so that I still have a job when ( AND IF ) I actually do come home, 4) Start saving MORE $$$, 5) Make sure passport is still valid, 6) Uhhhhh…???..oh, repeat the steps again…!!!..lol…Peace…Mark

lol what? Congratulations :tada: but I don’t get it, where are you from so that you Need a passport? :smiley:

Uhhhhh…??..I’m in the U.S.A…New York…I just assumed I’d need a passport…??..Ehhhh, looks like it “doesn’t even matter” ( Oh shit, lol ) at this point. I would have LOVED to go see Mike at a M&G. No way I’d be able to swing it especially on such short notice ( at least for me it was ). I HOPE & EXPECT ALOT of pics/vids from the M&G. And hopefully one day SOON, Mike & the boys will come to the states for a M&G and hopefully a new tour IN HONOR OF CB of course. Wierd, I’m trying to picture a tour and how it would be without Chester…??.
I mean no doubt it would def be a kickass show BUT A VERY EMOTIONAL one at that…!!..We have no choice but to wait & see, and pray…!!..lol…Peace…Mark

They say, who cares if one more light goes out in the sky of a million stars…
It flickers…it flickers…
Wellllllll IIIIIIIIIII Dooooooo…
…My God, I CANT get ENOUGH of that one, let alone the ENTIRE ALbum…!!!

Sharp edges have consequences,
Every scar is a story I can tell…!!!
We all fall down…F**K…!!!..I cant stop listening to One More Light…!!!..seriously I know I cant be the only one…!!!

Please tell the hq that you can’t make it- then they’ll probably pick somebody else- and why did you enter the contest if you can’t go???


Hi everyone, how long do you think Don Broco and Mike will play? Because I have to travel by train and I don’t know which underground and train I should pick because I don’t want to wait a hour or more for my train in the middle of the night.