Mike Shinoda Meet and Greet Munich

Probably something around 23:00 23:30 - it’s 700 m to the next underground station (U6 Fröttmaning)

Sadly Don Broco isnt playing… Its a german hip hop group called tiavo

First off, I’m still pretty new here so I’m still not sure on how to go about everything this site offers…And there’s ALOT…!!..
2nd)… I did not even know that I “asked for an invite”, & apologies if somehow, somewhere I posted a reply that somehow I actually ended up getting an invite…
And finally 3) If you can advise me on how to go about letting the powers that be to PLEASE pass my invite onto someone else, I’ll gladly do it asap, OR, if you can do it for me since you probably know your way around here much better then I do, then that would be really cool of you…let me know…
…And just so we’re clear, I’m the LAST person who would ever take an invite out of another LP fans hands on purpose knowing that I would not be able to attend. That didn’t come out exactly as to what I’m tryin to “say”, or put into words, but hopefully you’ll, and everyone else who reads this will understand at what I’m tryin to say. And I’ll also be the first to say that it was a dick move if I purposely asked for an invite, knowing that there’s no way I could go, and screwed another LP soldier out of a chance of going…
Ok, I’m done with this issue…
So let me know how I can take care of it, OR, if you can do it for me, OR, hopefully someone high up on the food chain also reads this reply/post and can take care of it…

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Wow…holy crap…a bit longer then I meant…sorry Charlie…!!

Lol calm down :joy: send an email to lpuhq@lpunderground.com and tell them. Normally the invits for a m&g are not invitations but a contest win- which you usually have to enter in order to at least have a chance to win a m&g… anyway- my post was no offense and feel heartly welcome to the family soldier :+1:t2:


Hi theplaya, so we will meet us! I won the M&G too! It is my very first time and I am super excited…

Its my first time too. I still cant believe it!


Hey man, all good fellow LP Soldier. I sent the email to LPHQ so hopefully someone else gets to use it. And as far as “us” were totally cool, no harm no foul. It’s actually me, as I always go into wayyyyy too much freakin details with emails & shit… All good…can’t wait to see the pics / vids from the M&G…!!!..later man…

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Congrats :v:t3:

Hi everyone, has someone of you already got the second email, yet? I forgot to mention that I also won one of the passes.

I think we get them when Mike and his team arrives in Zenith.

Okay thank you.

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Thank you a lot :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

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I also won a M&G. Unfortunately, the M&G is sooo early, that I will probably not make it in time. I don’t understand why they schedule it so early. It really sucks. I was so looking forward to it. And now I will miss it anyways. :frowning: :frowning:

Hi, do you think, if there is an opportunity to give your invitation to someone else? Or is it too late?


I wrote the LPU that they should invite somebody else since I can’t give my spot away to another person. I hope they will do it.

Say hello to Mike from me, everyone who gets to go to the M&G today!

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That’s what I was hoping for, being I couldn’t make it, I emailed the LPU and told them the same and that it would super cool if someone else can take my spot. Haven’t heard back either way…
I can’t wait to hear all about it, and really stoked to see the pics/vids that everyone took…!!!..

At which time was the M&G? I got selected for Ludwigsburg, so I wanna be prepared :grin:

It was at 5:40pm, but it varies with location and day. I was at a couple of LP M&G and those were all after doors opened.
Have fun in Ludwigsburg!

Thank you! It’s my first M&G so I’m really excited! :grinning: