Getting in Front Row / Munich

The university gave me smth like 70 euro for some refund, and I was not expecting that…so I would have some more money to spend for the ticket (even if I was planning to ask for the delivery in Switzerland and apparently it is not available anymore…the delivery in my country is like 35 euro!! :sob:)…I still haven’t decided what to do :confused:

Really? Wow! Thanks for the information! I was so sure!! Can’t remember where I read it :thinking:
Maybe yeah…he will :thinking:

So you guys- anything planned for tomorrow? I wasn’t active on this because I had too much to handle atm- but I hope someone was?

The FB-group MSG has organized two flashmobs: first: paper with “100% REASON TO #RemeberTheName” at the beginning of the concert and second: white and blue balloons with white LEDs at “ghosts”.

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thanx and grats for your m&g :tada:

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