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@anomalia maybe, if it is not to hard, you like to share a story of your brother and cousin with us. I would like to hear it.


@anomalia sending you strenght and lots of hugs!! :muscle: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :heart: :hugs:

As for the car accident, don’t be pessimistic…you’re a new driver and will get experience and confidence in time… :wink:


I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending hugs :hugs:


@anomalia sorry for your lost sending you hugs strength and love to you

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@anomalia sending lots of hugs and love for you :heart::heart::heart: take care of yourself. I know that’s hard on days like this, but selfcare is really important. Take it easy :kissing_heart:


And I know our demons can be very loud and convincing :blush: but believe me when I say that you can say almost everything here, you are not a burden, we will always be supportive and we won’t ever think you are weird or anything :kissing_heart: so next time when your demons tell you that you should delete the message again, don’t do it, just let it be. And let us proof to your demons that they are wrong :muscle:t2:
(advise my psychologist gave me, I’m giving it a try atm and it doesn’t always work to tell the demons that I’m not going to do that, but practice makes perfect I guess😊)


17/04 favorite singer
17/05 favorite cousin

feeling you dear @anomalia
let this be the day we will be refreshing our memory with why each day matters to make people smile around us, so as in case we suddenly depart goodbyes won’t be needed…

:hugs: :hugs:


It’s silly but you always think what bad may happen on such a day. (Although you know it’s only a date as many others). And as a result you make them happen.


Exactly :slight_smile:

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@birdy1989 love your words!

Big hug to you an @anomalia


i disagree my dear

i too thought i could shape my surroundings with my thoughts trying to keep a positive mind so they could be positive

it’s bull !
what’s meant to be will be irrelevantly to what we’d want or fear.
our wants become desires and that does affect fate,
but i realized the hard way,
Fate is not shaped by our impressions your future is written in stone
it can’t be jinxed by our childish thoughts
desires are another story :wink:

@achilleas7 It’s not what I mean. I mean that if you think of bad things that you associate with a special date (as I did yesterday) you are not fully focused on what you are expected to do (which results in a bumped car for example).

If I have no influence on my life (cause everything is written on the stone), I have also no respinsibility. So were should I send a bill from the garage? To heaven? :slight_smile:


Im not happy right now. I going through a lot right now my friend passed away and i had got the news at work and as soon i gor the news i broke down and i work all day with her on my mind i miss her and know i won’t be able to see her again. I make me feel lost and unhappy .

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Sorry for your loss, @hilaryfol.

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I’m so sorry @hilaryfol :kissing_heart: take care

I’m sorry for your loss @hilaryfol. It is normal that you break down sometimes, you were close. See, I broke down in front of my chief at work when Chester died, and it wasn’t even my family, he was like wtf lol. So don’t push it down, just let it flow, no shame or anything. Grieve in your own way. Your friend watches you from above and she is always with you. And we too. :hugs: :hugs: :heart:


big things are what’s written in stone and sometimes not only we can’t alter them but they were meant to “divert” our paths toward the road we’re meant to take.

Just always laggards to follow the trail of destiny, clouded by desires and dreams.
I first in the laggard category but now, as i discovered the rough way, there is no denying of the fact that
if there is destiny, there can’t be chance in between.
(sometimes something as bad as a bucket of water in the face is meant to wake you up from heavy sleep due to urgency and that’s my story!)

Dice thrown wrong did not land to their numbers by accident, but in order for us to make them right.
Destiny is not lack of choice
but the sum of them all!

Hang in there dear @hilaryfol
we’re here with you!


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So sorry to hear that, sending you lots of strength!

So sorry to hear this, never nice losing someone so close to you :frowning_face: