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I love RDJ

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Me too. He’s one of my many favourite actors


His best role was probably in Tropic Thunder, I didn’t even know it was him until the credits the first time I watched it. Really good film.

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If you have Netflix I recommend kissing booth it’s a nice romance movie check the trailer on youtube


Watching Casino Royale, 007. Awesome movie

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Has anyone seen Glass by M. Night Shyamalan, starring Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson and Mr Tumnus? I think I really would like to see this movie but so far nobody I know seems enthused about it. But I’m a sucker for Mr Tumnus, so I’m considering to just maybe download it or whatever.


I saw a fragment of a trailer recently, it’s on my to-watch list.


Guys, can we add series to this topic?
I’m such am addictive series hamster :hamster: :angel:

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Yes good idea! I’ll change the topic title as well

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Great!!! :blush:


I’m watching the 4th episode of Dark now - German series about time travel. A boy disappears under mysterious circumstances and it seems, he travels into the past. How and why, nobody knows for now :slight_smile: The story development is a bit slow, but the whole atmosphere is quite mysterious, many unexplained things. I quite like it, but I would speed it up a bit though :slight_smile:

And for series hamsters like me I recommend mobile app Next episode. You’ll get a notification always when a new episode of your favourite series gets out :blush: In payed version you can also see how many hours (days/months/years) you’ve spent watching. I added everything I watched (from what I can remember) and I currently have almost 5 months, I watched 4216 episodes :smile:

Desktop version (good for registration, not as good as mobile):

Mobile version (I don’t know if there’s anything for Apples tough):


Just watched Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. What an utterly idiotic pile of garbage that film was, complete waste of my time.


Thanks for offering up your time so I don’t have to watch it :joy:

Saw Captain Marvel yesterday. It was okay, not too bad but not great either


I thought the first of the new ones was stupid, this one turns it up to 11. :joy:


I quite liked the first one, but I lost interest in the franchise since then. Glad I didn’t watch it :smile:


The only JP I’ve liked so far is the original one.


I liked it the first time I saw it in cinemas but when I got it on Blu - Ray, I didn’t like it. If the whole film was about rescuing the dinosaurs from the island (like against the clock before the volcano erupts), then I would have liked it more.


The whole premise of the film was idiotic.


Ehm, didn’t I say somewhere that it’s a “brainwasher” movie? :smile:


Just started to watch Sense8. It’s quite good :slight_smile: