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Just watched Death Race (2008), what an utterly stupid film, yet it was surprisingly entertaining.

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Re-watched Now You See Me earlier today and just finished watching NYSM2. Both awesome films, though I liked the first one more. I also liked knowing how they did the rain trick in the second one before they explained it. :stuck_out_tongue:


True. Those were both pretty clever movies. I loved the end of the second where they reveal that the plane never left the ground.


Tries to watch Justice League via my Kodi Box. I didn’t really like it to be honest.


Any comments on the Oscars?


Predictable politically charged muppet show as always :smile:

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And what did they say?


Lol haven’t read much about it. What I meant to say is, I don’t think the Oscars have anything to do with the quality of the films, but rather the political side of things.

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I guess so. That’s why I never watch the gala. But I haven’t seen any Oscar 2019 movie (except ‘The Bohemian Rapsody’). So I wanted to know if any nominee or winner is still worth seeing.


The only nominees I’ve seen are BlacKkKlansman and Black Panther. I recommend the former, not the latter

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I’ve seen Vice (w/ Christian Bale) and highly recommend. It’s kind of scary though.


Just watched Primer, great film, but tricky to understand. The guy that did most of the work on the film (and is one of the main actors) is actually a former engineer and deliberately didn’t simplify the science mumbo jumbo. The budget for the film was only $7000


Finally saw Infinity War yesterday! It was quite the spectacle and I loved Thanos. Great character moments and I never expected such an ending! This also was one of the only Marvel films in which the stakes were so high for the main characters, which made the film more impactful to me


Currently attempting to watch A Quiet Place, it’s so bloody boring. I’m only 30 mins in and it feels like I’ve been here 4 hours.

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It’s an amazing film. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Absolutely one of the better in the series :smiley:

Lol! Haven’t seen it but I heard I got good reviews


It did and I have no idea why. How can a film get good reviews when you’re never even told any of the characters’ names? The only part of the film I liked is when the mother Home Alone’d herself on the stairs. :joy:

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That doesn’t sound too bad :joy:


Watched the two Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes movies. Forget how good they are and a sequel is meant to be out next year.