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So the new trailer for Star Wars 8 just dropped today. I’m pretty hyped for this movie :smile: What do you think?


Star wars!!! Im so hyped…cant even wait for the release

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Me neither! Really enjoyed The Force Awakens though it is very similar to A New Hope.
I do think there are lots of misdirections in this trailer.


I think its nearly the same film​:joy::joy::joy:

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I caved and watched it. The music makes the trailer good otherwise it’s meh. I’m not boarding the hype train, I’m above that by now.

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Unashamedly on the hype train!! :joy: I can’t wait and though I agree force was new hope I don’t think it will follow the blueprint of empire and Jedi returns

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I hope not, but you can already make out some similarities. Like the walkers, jedi training, etc

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£5 says Rey loses a hand.

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LOL that would be really over the top


I don’t think it would be. Think of how many limbs have been lost already.


True, but Luke has already lost one. Then they’d become the one handed jedi club haha :joy:


Anakin lost his saber hand twice too :joy:


First trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story!


@Honey8 , have you heard they’re making a new Tomb Raider film based on the 2013 game? I’ve been waiting for this moment since I played that game, I loved the plot. Unfortunately I haven’t got high hopes for it considering the reputation that game films have. Still, I’m excited for it and want to like it.

On another note, I decided to google John Williams to see which OSTs he’s done that I didn’t know about and this is the first thing that came up. :joy:

@rickvanmeijel I think he’s starting to get fed up of doing them. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t blame him though, he’s been doing it since 1977.


Heyyy!! You know what! I am waiting as well. I loved the game like hell. Yes Alica Vikander (smthg like this) is playing the main role. The cover looks amazing… it’s in news since around 2 mths… that came in my google feed. story line was really niceeeeee!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::smiley: another game … “shadow of the tomb raider” is gonna come out… I’ll find about that more after exams!! :smiley:

Oh yea :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: he must be tired of doing them… hehe :sweat_smile: tho tbh I haven’t seen any star wars movie! :joy::joy: :roll_eyes::laughing:


Yeah I know. The only problem is that I can only see her as a manipulative, homicidal robot now. :joy:

You really should, at least the classic 3, or ep5 at the absolute minimum. Or Rogue One if you want to see a new one.


Exactly!! :joy::joy:

Bro tbh i wanna see all star wars, Terminator, transformer, and fast and furious!!! Just some days to go buddy!! 17 th quite near… I’ll start all one by one :smiley::smiley::smiley::confetti_ball::tada:


Star Wars is good, even if you sit through the mediocre prequels, only the first 2 Terminators are worth watching, same goes for Transformers, F&F is 50/50. F&F went from being cheesy films about cars (that were quite enjoyable to watch) to being Hollywood action films with some car chases. I still need to see the 8th one.

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I know! :smiley: I’ve seen just a part … my bro was watching and i was passing by… loved it lol
Thanks for review !! :hugs: Cya later…gtg… back to studying!!! :bowing_man:

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Yeah I saw that. Though I doubt he actually said ‘‘damn Star Wars movie’’

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