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PR1/2 was a high quality brainwasher, I so regret sacrificing my time to watch it :joy:

Hmm, I’m curious, gonna watch it. Thanks for tip. But if it’s such a brainwasher as PR, then let me know right away! :laughing:

Thanks for another tip!

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: My favourite!!! The best scene is how he learns and he’s terrible at it. Everyone makes this shiny little circle and he makes this little cracking circle of nothing :joy:

That’s what I love about Marvel superhero movies. The humor. Just remember Thor visiting his girlfriend and hanging his hammer on the hanger next to her clothes :laughing:

Btw. I’m looking forward for Alita: Battle Angel! Pitty I can’t go watch it in the cinema because I don’t know where I’d put Laurička during that time. I can’t possibly tell my mother in law to babysit just for me to go to the cinema :DDDD


I agree the films have a good sense of humour. I loved the scene with “Mister - no Doctor - it’s Strange” :joy:


I’ll babysit!!! :star_struck::crazy_face:


No no noooo!! Don’t scare the lil beauty soldier! Me babysitting :blush: :grin: :crazy_face:


Noooo!!! Little Laura will love the bat cave! :blush: I’ll use smoke bombs to play peekaboo and I’ll use the batgrappler to make a swing :grin::crazy_face:
I’d be the muuuuuuch better nanny :relieved:


:joy: :joy: :rofl:

Okaaaay… but I’d like to help! Please,please, pleeeeeeaseeee!!! :blush:


Okay :smile: let’s hope @mish3lka says it’s okay :star_struck::crazy_face:


What do you mean by that?

I want to help too!


Great! You’ve got diaper duty! :smile::grin:
Teamwork! :joy:


Sorry for my jargon there - it’s just a joke and it’s what I call a movie, which you can watch without thinking, and, moreover, which is so stupid that it will blow your mind and erase every bit of intelligent thought you had. After watching a “brainwasher” you’ll feel your IQ going down. It’s not just a waste of your precious lifetime, but destroyer of your common sense lol :smiley:

@framos1792 @melisLP @lpfan61 okay!!! :laughing:


Oh no, 2036 is supposed to make your brain work, but it thinks the viewers are super-computers. It gets so bloody mixed up, I didn’t understand it at all.

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Yaaaaaaayyy!!! :blush: :tada: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Guess I know were to go if I ever need a babysitter? lol

It’d be pretty easy as of now considering all i have for you to babysit are my pets :laughing:

@mish3lka better let us know how they do :joy:


SWEET! So long as there aren’t arachnids that you consider spiders, then you’re covered! :joy:


Perfect! :joy::joy:

You’re good there! I have 2 Corgis and 2 Cats so pretty easy to take care of :ok_hand:

The only way to take care of an arachnid “pet” is to torch the house :joy::joy:





@the_termin8r I watched 2038, I liked it, thanks for the tip! :slight_smile: Though graphics was not much, the story was goooood, it’s exactly the kind of movies I like :slight_smile: What didn’t you understand? :smiley:

The story was bullshit. Please explain it to me, I understood up until the Chinese craft got shot down.

Okay, here’s how I understood the story:

:exclamation: :point_down: S P O I L E R ___ A L E R T :point_down: :exclamation:

This is a spoiler for the movie 2036: Origin Unknown. If you didn't see it, don't unfold this block.

The Chinese craft was destroyed by a magnetic missile, which was a similar technology as the cube. That is why the main character thought that the cube was invented by aliens, but that would mean that her people also cooperate with aliens. And ARTI then would be also made by aliens. If it really was an alien race or ARTI was just a very very advanced AI, was a bit unclear to me, but I think it was the first.

In the end, we learn that all this story up to the end of the human race was a simulation and it was performed billion times before because the AI wanted to recreate the human race into a more humane one. All the time all the people were AIs and they were Turing-tested if they mess everything up like before.

The main character wakes up in the end for the second time because she was a part of one of the simulations, which ended successful, i.e. which appeared to be a successful recreation of the human race.

:exclamation: :point_up: S P O I L E R ___ A L E R T :point_up: :exclamation:

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