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Correction: Horror films with the ghost elements are mostly terrible. Horror covers a vast area and movies like Saw, The Strangers, Funny Games, Hereditary are worth every minute of the movie. You should give them a try.

Talking about horror films, I watched Black Swan yesterday. Didn’t dissapoint at all, though it’s more of a psychological horror film and the film doesn’t just revolve around horror aspects. Great visuals and storytelling!

Please tell me you didn’t just call Saw a good film. :man_facepalming:


Oh yes, I did. It is a great franchise. Except for the Jigsaw movie. That was terrible. Just because it has gore doesn’t mean it is bad. We are an exclusive & elite audience. :sunglasses:

Anyone else seen BlacKkKlansman? If so, what are your thoughts?

That looks like you’re having a stroke. :joy: Never heard of the film.

Just re-watched Collateral, didn’t like it the first time as I didn’t understand much, this time it wasn’t bad. Ending was a tad iffy, but I’d still recommend it.

hahaha I know. You haven’t? It got some good attention during its release I believe

I live under a rock, remember? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah me too, but mine seems to be smaller :smile:. Was talking about this:

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I just watched a mini-series The Politician’s Husband. Just wow, I really recommend it.
Everything David Tennant plays is just great. Every single role is totally believable, as if he’s the person he plays. A great and talented actor.

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Watched Pacific Rim 2 earlier, quite disappointing. The first one was great because it was so daft, this one was more of the same but with the quality decreased and stupidity increased. It started off 50/50 and then fell off a cliff and landed flat on its face about two-thirds of the way in.

That was my reaction when I first saw PR 2. I hated it!! And I still do

Just watched 2036: Origin Unknown. Interesting premise, terrible film. Sat through the entire film just wondering what the hell was going on.

Just seen the reviews of Glass. Turns out it has got some pretty disappointing reviews. Anyone still going to watch it?

I’ve seen the previews for it and it just looks strange to me. Not a movie I am planning on watching.

X-men rip off? :upside_down_face:

Idk. I can understand the horror/thriller aspects of Split. But now turning it into this “superhero” movie just seems strange to me.

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I’m planning to see the Movie.

The Trilogy began with “Unbreakable” which was a very different Superhero Movie, so it’s just logical to be a superhero movie (and I hope it remains unique). However, I must say, I don’t even watched any trailers or something, so I’m going completly blind to the movie and can’t tell you anything until I watched it.

Continuing my Marvel marathon, I watched Doctor Strange. I was surprised how the film dove into some deep material such as the power of the mind and soul and our role in the universe. Very interesting watch! Wasn’t your typical super hero flick, even though the story itself is pretty straightforward. @Woco21 you might like this film as well :slight_smile:

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