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Movies take creative liberty so they could have used a clever name.
Now about the Sonic movie, please don’t discuss the features. Everything about the Sonic is weird except the sillhouette. Everything.


Bad oh boy.


Yes, I heard something like that last night on Youtube


Just finished watching Hot Fuzz. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a fast paced movie packed with so much comedy. Almost couldn’t keep up


Best comedy ever for me, seriously good film, very well written.

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Yes the writing is so good! Do I recall correctly that you’ve recommended this movie to me?

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I recommend it to everyone. lol

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No I mean you once recommended this specifically to me. Anyway, was a fun watch :smile:

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Just watched the return of the pink panther, the pink panther strikes back and revenge of the pink panther. Awesome movies with fantastic comedy.


Just rewatched The Adjustment Bureau, good film, worth a watch. Left some things unexplained, but I liked it.


I finished subtitles for the Bird Box movie. I don’t like Sandra Bull(d)ock but she played that pretty well. Not a top but an interesting movie. 8/10.

Second one : Unfriended: Dark Web. Started well but the end was a bit stupid according to my opinion. Typical movie of this kind, everybody dies. 6/10.


I thought the story was similar to A Quiet Place, but later on heard good reviews and a different story. I think I will watch it in next few days. I will start the series Sharp Objects tomorrow.


People say the two movies are similar because of the alien creatures - in Quiet place you cannot make any sound, in Bird Box you cannot look at them. Both focus on raising children in such conditions. But I liked BB a bit better.

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Just watched The Departed, 2.5h wasted. It wasn’t a bad film, just totally boring, not what I expected. Credit where it’s due though, the acting was top.


Really? I thought it was a nice film. Watched it about a year ago, but I remember it being exciting and having some cool twists.




Just watched Ready Player One, good film, really enjoyed it. However, I don’t agree with the end, he should have terminated the whole thing, people need to get off their arses.

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Just translating the new movie with Keanu Reeves, Replicas. I’m curious :slight_smile:

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I deliberately felt like watching a terrible horror film (though to be honest, all horror films are terrible). Ended up watching that new Slender Man film. It did not disappoint, a masterclass in crapness. :joy: