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@the_termin8r well it worked before :slight_smile:


And so did the Titanic. :joy:. Never put your trust in an app, I speak from experience.




Watched Mission Impossible Fallout half an hour ago. Good film, a few too many double crosses, but a good film.


Finally watched Coco, good film, solid 8/10. Not as good as the Incredibles 1&2 or Inside Out or Up though.


I thought you meant Crash Bandicoot’s sister Coca Bandicoot. I had to think about that then


Never played Crash, Ratchet & Clank is where it was at for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


For me, it’s Crash Bandioot, Spyro, Need For Speed and Exhumed when I was younger.


The first NFS (and the last good one) I played was Carbon.


That’s me after my exams! :sunglasses:

aye same!

Exactly! i used it for 2 days and then left. I’ve put a web app in my home screen now lol . more convenient :smile:

I didn’t played that yet. Just most wanted…

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After playing a game called The Evil Within, I really want that game to become a movie. That will be so good.

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The Crysis trilogy would make good films if they stayed true to the games.


Rewatched Almost Famous last Sunday. Such a great film, pretty funny too!

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“From the producer of F&F” = It’s going to be nonsense.

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Most probably “Yes” because this is the second poster:


So the people behind Fast and Furious have done this movie? Oh boy.

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You guys see the trailer for Detective Pikachu? I think if they have a serious tone (like what the trailers look like) and follow the story from the game it’ll actually be pretty dope.


I read a tweet that said something in the lines of “the team missed an opportunity to name the movie as P.I.kachu”. Since then I can’t wrap my head around the trailer.

@raz7 is it a good “oh boy” or a bad “oh boy”. I am at a bad “oh boy”.


The game was called Detevtive Pikachu so it would only make sense that the movie was called that as well. But that name is pretty clever :joy:

Also has anyone else seen the stuff about Sonic’s eyes in the movie? Apparently his connected eye from the games didn’t translate well into live action so they edited him to makes his eyes more realistic.

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