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Sit rep:

On idle since I booted it back up it seems fine, Norton caused a couple of spikes that quickly died down, otherwise it idled around 40 which is ok. Now I’m going to start using it to see what happens. I’m posting this with it.

It can’t handle TFK :joy: (92C!!! :joy: ). This is just getting hilarious. It’s like it’s trying to hit 100.



What the hell is wrong with It @the_termin8r? :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Exachge it in the store lol.
Situation like with my new shoes the other day. They’ve ripped apart at the third day of wearing. I’d exchange them but my size is too rare to find so I’d end up without any shoes so I just repaired them, that’s all. The most amusing thing about them(or the most driving me mad lol) is that they cost bloody 216$


I ordered it from HP’s site. Gonna get it sorted.

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They should change it in the nearest retail or official store

I’m going to phone them up tomorrow. It’s too late in the evening for extra frustration.

HP sucks in laptops. I used to sell them when worked as a seller.
Sometimes it’s the SSD or HDD issues, sometimes it’s they forgot to connect the USB slots or the same bloody overheat…
The design is nice, though.

Shame that Samsung doesn’t produce laptops anymore. They used to be more than reliable.

PS: I liked Fujitsu. Don’t know about now but some time ago they were cool and cheaper than the rest. Plus the sticker “Made in Germany”, which I liked.


The most annoying thing is that the settings from the new one somehow sync’d themselves to my old one and now my old one is really sluggish for some reason.

EDIT: So W10 decided to randomly restart my old laptop and do an update that I’d deliberately been putting off since it came out. And now it’s been stuck on 0% for a good 20 mins. So I’m back on the new one and it’s actually relatively stable for now.

EDIT 2: It just jumped to 13%

It’s like:
“30 seconds left” and you’re waiting 5 min for these “30 seconds” to pass.

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Well it finished that bit, now it’s being slow on another screen.

This. They used to make decent computers (never actually checked out their laptops , only desktops but still).
Haven’t seen their stuff in a while

Also this new one has an iffy jack. There’s frequent crackling when I plug my amp in and play something. I did some tests to check that it was indeed the laptop.

-Plugged it into my old laptop / no crackling = cable is likely fine, error is probably in the laptop
-Plugged it into my phone / no crackling = cable is definitely fine, even more likely to be the new one
-Played a CD (different channel on the amplifier) / no crackling = Amplifier is fine
-Repeated above tests but plugged my headphones into the amplifier / no crackling = Speakers are fine too

Finally, back on my old laptop. And it only took a mere 2.6h :unamused:

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I agree with @NickGr, they’re awesome :grin: the sound is quite decent and comfortable to have on for long periods of time and never really fall off, I’ve had them fall maybe once but because I knock it out with my hand or a pipe or something I’m carrying but mind you I wear them easy 8hrs a day at nonstop job

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Stay awayyyyyy from hppppppp it’s a thorn In everyone’s behind!


The worst possible earphones are the stock samsungs that come with the S7. I think they were designed by a tesco cashier or something, clearly whomever it was had no awareness of the existence of the word “ergonomics”.

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The last 3 HPs we’ve had over the years have been fine. W10 ruined my current one, also it’s starting to feel its age. You’d think an ~£800 laptop would be designed properly and not be ready to cook breakfast when you switch it on for the first time ever though.

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Lmao I’ll have my eggs over easy

Anyway, I hated HP after saving for ages and going to buy one years ago, spent I think 1100, and had issues all it’s life, tried another cheap one and died soon after, my current one is a Lenovo yoga 2 i5 ssd drive, I’d only ever consider a bigger ssd but it’s been super fast and reliable for a good couple years
I suppose it happens to all brands here and there but yeah just a personal anger toward HP :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a Dell girl when there’s no MacBook around. My last Dell lasted 8 years, my parents Dell is 6 years, they just go. And replacing parts is easy. I had an HP for five minutes, I :sob: a lot, then I gave up on it.


Girl? :joy: again, I thought you were a dude…my apologies if I’ve said dude or man to you before :sweat_smile: