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My mom bought new phone… oppo F8 kinda good one…

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Never heard of it.

Me neither. Btw , mom has issues with mobile internet — the damn thing just doesn’t work, only drowns money. I’ve rebooted the APN settings for a dozen of times but it seems to be the SIM… it’s around 8 years old

Chinese models… available in your country?

Perhaps at some shady stand in the middle of a shopping centre. You know, like the ones that sell you fake Beats for a fiver.

Chrome’s new look is annoying me. I can’t distinguish between tabs since I’m running a custom theme, it was fine last night.

Well, it had to happen at some point, this time my EQ is broken, at first I thought it was the sickness messing with my ears, but when I went to change the settings, nothing happened, everything sounded exactly the same. I’m currently fiddling with the drivers. This is the last thing I needed right now.


I gave up and downloaded a better EQ.

I am looking for a laptop with 500 GB storage
A screen of 13 to 16 inches And has good processor

And only have a budget of 1,000 dollars

With that budget I don’t think you’ll have a hard time finding a suitable laptop. Going by prices I’ve seen and the specifications you listed, I think you’ll end up with a laptop of around 500 dollars.

Thank you rick

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Only 1K? You speak as if it’s a trivial amount of cash. :joy:

You know what my recommendations are, but for that sort of money, you can get an insane custom-built desktop, unless you need a laptop.


I need a laptop

Always better laptop than desktop, you spare money on electricity and you can take it anywhere you want. If you want a very good one, then try business class notebooks. The lower class is usualy a garbage that you throw out of the window right after your warranty ends…

Agreed, I recommended my own Dell XPS, but I don’t think she really needs something that hardcore for her intended use.

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Sorry, I’m too lazy to read previous messages :blush:

It’s always better to have a better performance, it lasts a bit longer. If you buy today’s average, in 1-2 years it’s going to be insufficient. It doesn’t have to be top, but it’s better to buy above average. In 2014 I bought HP EliteBook Revolve 810 for around 1300 Euros. I still have it and despite the lack of HDD memory (which I compensate by using and external drive), it’s still a bomb both for general work and programming :slight_smile:

I think today I would buy a notebook for around 1500 euros.

And, I wouldn’t recommend very small notebooks (11’ and smaller), because they usually have problems with overheating. Mine is 13’ and it’s still not perfect.

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I wouldn’t recommend anything with an i7 either for that exact reason. My experience with roasting i7s has been logged in this very thread.


My sister finally caved and got her first laptop. According to my dad, she was in the tech shop, there was better stuff around, but she saw the one she got and that was it. My mum and sister are both like that, they almost zealously follow the mantra of “it looks better, thus it is better.” Anyway, the laptop is nothing special (she doesn’t need anything hardcore), it’s an HP Pavilion 14-ce0597na (I don’t get why HP name all of their laptop with stupid codes like this). Apparently they narrowly avoided buying an Apple.

Specs are as follows:

  • i3 8130U
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD
  • Intel 620 integrated graphics (pretty standard for most laptops these days)
  • 14" screen

I told my parents that 128GB is way too small, but they didn’t listen to me (because they never do for anything). I’m just wondering how it will perform temperature-wise. I’ll have to ask her if she’ll let me instal a temp monitor. I’m also curious what her experience with W10 will be, her’s will be the 3rd machine in the house running W10 and the only one that isn’t mine.

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Quick update on my sister’s laptop, temps seem to be staying normal according to her, the only problem is that she doesn’t actually use it that often. From what I read in the temp monitor log, it peaked out in the 50s from the last time that I checked it. I’ve only seen it go above 60 when running anivirus.

In other news, I’m planning some serious overkill for my laptop as a birthday present. I’m planning on getting a Corsair NVMe 960GB SSD and Corsair 2.4 GHz, 32 GB (2 x 16) RAM. I was eyeing the Samsung 970 Pro, 1 TB, SSD, but it costs £100 more than the Corsair and the Corsair is only 20 MB/s slower on the read (3480 MB/s) while being 300 MB/s faster on the write. I can also go for higher frequency RAM, but there’s no point as the BIOS limits it to 2.4GHz. This is on top of my 1TB HDD.

To be honest, I don’t need any of this, a 512 GB SSD upgrade would have been just fine, but overkill is underrated. If I’m going to upgrade, I want to do it once and do it properly so that it lasts me ages.


Every non-technical person I know is like that! It’s just so annoying! And then they call you if their computer breaks :laughing: Sorry, I’m a programmer, not a windows reinstaller :joy:


Like this quote sooo much :grin: