Gaming time - the riddle -

No, it’s not a car lol

2.question: is it a kind of a machine in it´s widest definition

Filing cabnet?

No, I doubt filing cabinets are that expensive

sry a what? not one translator gave me a german meaning, what is this @TripleXero:flushed:

aha, my 2. question stands still, the other was @TripleXero

Ok, so by records you mean like files and documents and stuff, right?

Arcade game? Holdings high scores (records), they’re expensive, and not a person (duh)

hey man, @the_termin8r1 you´ve at minimum say “yes” or “no” at least…to go on with…and I´ve still no answer to my 2question :unamused:
Edit: your new icon looks like a lolly pop

Yes and no.


Machine, yes but not in it’s widest definition.

OT: What do I keep missing so many posts? Must be the notification system not starting me at the top for some reason.

Computer post must at

Probably not it but is it an ATM?

No. Another clue: Your avg person can’t buy it.

third question: is it possible to leave earth with it?

I wish…

is it or is it not, you know @the_termin8r1, it´s my last question…

It was a no, but in more words so that I can use 10 characters.

mhhh, can you put your clues again together? :sweat_smile:

One last one: It’s quite sizable (I’m being deliberately vague).