Gaming time - the riddle -

Sure, it shouldn’t be too hard to guess now.

Sorry, I’m not good at this at all.

That pic took a long time to load, but no.

You missed out this important clue:

Lady Gaga?

:laughing: Wasn’t your very first question about whether she is in music? I mentioned that she was not.

Sarah Palin?

Yeah sure the palin willow

It was a wild guess, I just googled female politicians and looked for ones with glasses lol

OT hey @samuel_the_leader you have to feedback whether the answer is right and than ,btw @the_termin8r1 how many questions have you left? If Palin fits, than it´s you!

Yup, Sarah Palin it is. (Actually I was thinking of someone in my life that I hate that looks & is between Willow Terra & Sarah Palin, but then nobody would be able to guess it)

so @the_termin8r1 you´re on

uh, I don’t know. What was the limit? I think I’ve asked 2 or 3.

you´re on! Rob, set sth

But we haven’t had an answer.

Yes samuel said it was the Palin, didn´t he? post 31…:joy:

Oh, lol, must have missed that one too.

Um, ok then:

-Not a person
-Holds a lot of records
-Very expensive

I doubt anyone will guess.

A Jukebox.

Nope, not even close. Though I kinda see where your coming from. I’ll give you a clue: By ‘records’ I don’t mean music.

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is it a CAR?