Gaming time - the riddle -

Howdie all soldiers here on the LPU,
I´m a bit bored, nobody´s up this saturday morning here online, so I thought about a new game here online for us to play. I got the idea of a riddle-game, everybody is invited to play:sunglasses:


  1. the first player mention sth about what or who he´s thinking of
  2. the other players can ask question, at least 3 questions each player for one purpose (if you´re smart, you combine your question with others)
    3)The thing/person, that is to find out, must be famous or commonplace, so that even everybody can get the solution
    4)Stay nice at each others…

More rules we dont need, after the 10ts post from the one player, who give the riddle, gives the solution, and chooses sbd to go on! If it is soluted before, the player, who knew what/who it was, sets the next riddle…

The person I think of is female and won an election last weekend …

Ok so which country was the election won in?

France, Europe

(OT: sorry, totally neglected this)

The woman who won the election is not very famous (sorry feminism, not too famous cuz she is a woman?)

Marine Le Pen

right it´s you @samuel_the_leader

Huh? Wait, what?

(OT: just now what was the actual name of the woman you thought of?)

The woman I’m thinking of (I hate her) is crazy like Willow Terra:

willow terra followed willow terra, willow terra, willow terra

That woman I’m thinking of also wears spectacles.

Question one: is she in music?

No, she is not.


OT: @The_early_walker I put this thread in ‘The barracks’ section because before it didn’t have one. I hope you don’t mind.

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Hell yes. Wait, how’d you know?

A guess, you were talking about that French woman earlier. Either way, I’ve no clue who you are thinking of as I don’t follow politics.

Obviously not that French lady. (OT: need to go out and eat now)

[ot cya later I have to go Shoe Shopping yuppie…]
Edit great shopping done, so now we can go on, my second question is: Is that woman american? @samuel_the_leader?

Yes, wait how did you know?

just thinking, big women in politics may be Hilary or Angela…so the question could have been also:isshe german… but luck´s on my side
So now my last question option: was her husband former president of USA?

I don’t know her family lineage, but her husband is most certainly not a former potus

lol pl. the right answer: was her husband president of usa, the ****spot affaire with Mrs. Levinski

??? Then it´s Hillary Clinton

I already said that her husband was never president of the U.S. (and will never be one)

oh I missed that …can I set another third question, no? Sorry than I´m burned Rob, @the_termin8r1 @EvoOba need help…