Fort Minor London Scala - September 8th

Hi daisy268 I have spare tickets if you want

Hey everyone! I’m losing track of who would like to meet up on the 8th before the show, add me on whatsapp 07956797570 or Facebook messenger my name is Zayna McKenzie ( I’m 25 loved LP scince I was 13 seen them twice) I hope we can all get together, I am excited! … Dasiy268 I hope you find tickets!!

I’ll be there :slight_smile: Driving down during the day and having a day in London beforehand. Seems a lot of us are going to the show alone!

In case anyone was concerned - the proposed tube strike has been postponed, phew.

I’ve booked my train now, will be getting to paddington at 14.38pm so don’t mind meeting someone there or at kings cross shortly after. As most of us are going alone we could meet up with whoever is already there first and maybe meet up as a group too, not sure if any of you know the area and where’s good to go? If not by looking on the map it looks like there is lots there to do or go to.
If you wanna add me on what’s app or Facebook feel free, my names Natalie Thorogood (from Weston super mare) and my number is 07889260884
Look forward to meeting you all. Oh yeah was going to say the strike has been called off woo lol

Hi everyone, WOW! I am so excited that there are so many of us solo fans- I cant wait to meet you all on Tuesday! Im really not sure whats best for coordinating the meet up (i’m not on whats app or facebook). Shall we say we’ll all definitely aim to meet up together outside Scala at 6:30pm and if anyones earlier or later we can message on this forum or text each other direct? Unless anyone has any better ideas?

So far the list of solos are:

  • me (Gabby Fisher (28yrs from Oxford - hi :smiley: ) 07805078611
  • Zayna Mckenzie 07956797570
  • Natalie Thorogood 07889260884
  • Curt
  • Matias Cortino? 07778458492
  • Daisy268 ?if she can get a ticket - hows that going hun? 07791387210

If anyone else out there is flying solo and wants to join our little FM Crew- just post your name and number and the working plan is we’ll try to meet 6:30pm outside Scala.


That’s great thanks Gabby, looks like the tube is right next door to scala so that makes it easy to find! I’ve saved everyone’s numbers now :blush:

Its looking pretty good actually! :slight_smile: I’m just waiting on someone, will find out tonight! yay! would love to meet up with you guys…

Hey guys i’m coming on my own ! my number is 07921527356 - whatsapp me first because otherwise I get freaked out and don’t reply haha - or contact me on Twitter (@chriswharton_91) i’ll be there by 4 PM … anybody knows when we should get the answer if wether or not we won a M&G ?

yay count me in, i got tickets :slight_smile: i will be with my mate but still be cool to meet ya’s!

Check your emails, guys! M&G invitations were sent out! I’ve been selected to attend!!! I’m speechless and still can’t believe that this is actually happening!!! :smile:


I just got one too Kristina!!! Ahhh I’m excited look forward to meeting you :grinning:

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Yaaaay! I couldn’t originally meet with all you guys because was planning to come with a friend, but with all this M&G it seems I will loose her even before we will get in the building! :grin: (don’t worry, we don’t mind. on Papa Roach we got lost after first few songs)) )
So see you there! Can’t wait to meet you too! :smile:


uh oh…
I GOT MEET&GREET TOO!!! yessssssssss! (Kristina, Natalie and anyone else who ends up with M&G - i’ll be texting you on the day to meet up with you!)

Sorry to let the group down (those of us with M&G will probably have to arrive at the venue earlier) but maybe the rest of the group could carry on an meet up at 6:30pm outside the venue? We could still message on here/ text each other to locate people once doors open or if M&G is done earlier we could still meet up?
If I don’t end up bumping into you, have a brilliant night and party your heart out!! Gabby x


Congrats ladies! I guess Mike’s selecting ladies only :wink:
Have fun & enjoy.


yay!! I am sooo pleased you got one too Gabby, wonder if zayna got one? I will be around in the afternoon up until the meet & greet so will meet with those of you who are around before then. I cannot believe I’ve won I’m now trying to plan what I’m gonna say lol. Have a brilliant time all of you I won’t get to see, I expect you’ll all be somewhere near the front by the time we finish in meet & greet :wink:

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I’ve a got m&g pass!!! Omg! I can’t believe it, I’ve been all my life listening to him and Tuesday i’ll see him finally!!!, i’m so excited :smile: :smile:


Woop will see you there!, Zayna got one too!


Congratulations! Can’t wait to meet you!)

Congrats to you as well! So will see you on the day!))

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Yaaaay! Now it seems that everyone who wanted to meet up before the show are ending up with meeting at M&G instead! :smile: