Fort Minor London Scala - September 8th

Just announced on radio 1

When do our promo codes appear? I don’t see mine on the dashboard yet

From what I understand they go on the dashboard ten minutes before sale, so 08:50am.

a dream. ONEMIKESHOW!! i’m awaiting this f…code! :heart:

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Any Idea what’s happening with this? Still haven’t received any presale info :confused:

Just bought my tickets, there should be a LPU code on your account dashboard. On the main site, not here.

thanks, didn’t know there was now a codes section, used to getting emails. Call me old fashioned XD

I’m going people!

I havent got a code, theres nothing in the dashboard!!!

How do you get the code? does it have to be a paid membership? I really want to get the presale ticket

Yeah it’s only for the underground members, think it’s costs about $20/£13 for a digital membership. Although I’m not sure if it’s to late to sign up for access.

I’m going! Would love to meet up with some people who are going as coming from Bristol alone :disappointed:

Have fun you guys. Unfortunately plane tickets are way too expensive for me and the flight times are a mess so can’t make it.

I would like to go, i don’t know if i’m working tho, if i buy The tickets and i can’t go you think they would refund The money? :wink:

I’m possibly coming :)!

Awesome! Where you coming from?

Just a little warning guys make sure you insure your tickets as I read last night the tube has planned a strike for the 8th :disappointed:

Hopefully the main Pancras trains are still running

where is that mate?

I’m coming from Reading, I moved into Reading just a few days ago :smile: