Fort Minor London Scala - September 8th

Oh kool! Will you go by train? I’m a bit nervous about traveling alone but can’t miss this!!

Well I am just sat here watching fort minor recently in LA on YouTube… getting excited at 1.30am… as you do lol :grinning:

I’ve not watched any of the LA footage as I would prefer it to be a surprise after waiting nearly a decade for a show. Tube strikes will be an inconvenience though.

Yeah by train, I’m so annoyed, I can’t buy the tickets til’ Friday, I hope there are some left!

Count on me guys!! Portugal yeah!

I’m coming as well!! Can’t wait!! :relieved:

Hi, I’d very much like to go, could be a once in a lifetime event for us Brits, but I’m worried as a female fan travelling to London on my own (coming from oxford) - if I knew a few solo fans like myself we’re going i would soo book right away! Would anyone mind meeting up with me before the show starts? Thanks x

Yeah I didn’t watch too much of it for the same reason

I would be up to meet up with you I’m in exactly the same position myself :blush:

Im going to land in London at 8am :slight_smile: im from Portugal but im going to fligh from Rome since im gonna attend the LP show in Rome.

Cool thanks hun! I bought my ticket 5mins after posting my request for friends last night- couldn’t resist, soo excited!!
How do u want to work a meeting time&place? I’m not sure what time I’ll be getting there and I don’t know the area. Hopefully the tube strike will be called off and I’ll end up walking from Kings Cross station. Do we swap numbers and meet outside the venue? Thanks again- looking forward to meeting you!

Im gonna land in Stansted about 8am and get the venue (Kings Kross) about 10am, where i will find a friend of mine (she is living in London) to save my bags in her house. We can meet in stansted or kings kross if you want. Other friend of mine is going to the show too, he lives somewhere near the Reading & Leeds venue.

Just now I was randomly checking tickets and saw that everything is sold out! London show is fully sold out in the matter of days! I’m more than excited now! Can’t wait for 8th!:relaxed:

Heya, I am also looking for a buddy to go the the show with, sadly, my friends are not really fans, but I wasnt going to miss this!! I live in london but it would be nice to meet someone before the show too

I would be happy to meet, also a solo female fan :slight_smile:

Got tickets wohoooo!!! if someone wants to meet up I’d be there at 5pm more or less, it’s when I finish work unfortunately, I hope the Meet and Greet is not too early, my number is 07778458492, add me on watsapp or something :slight_smile: I’ll see you at the show!!

I’m gone for 3 minutes and all of this has happened… wow XD

Hey guys so sorry for the late reply I went away Thursday for the weekend and couldn’t get any internet what so ever!!. My ticket has literally just arrived!. I’m not 100% sure on times yet as need to buy my train ticket now but plan to get into paddington then the tube to kings cross and hang out there somewhere till the show, I’d love to meet up with some/all of you and hang out as don’t really want to be alone in London and also my family are not keen on me going alone… even though I’m all grown up now haha. Anyway I guess we should swap numbers or something in case I have this internet problem again on the journey. My names Natalie by the way :blush: I have entered the meet & greet lottery which I expect you all have too so unsure what will happen about that with times etc. Has anyone ever won one before? When do you find out if you’ve been selected?

Hey guys :slight_smile: I wish I was going soooooo much I can no longer find tickets?! If anyone has spare tickets I would LOVE to buy them!! Please let me know - 07791387210…p.s meeting up with fellow fans is an awesome idea…hopefully I will see you guys there!

I will be riding solo to the show after work, I live South of London so I will probably get to the venue around 5.30 - 6pm. I will be wearing my red LPCATALOG t-shirt so I will be easy to see, by all means come and say hi :smile:

Cant believe its sold out so quick, and I seriously cannot wait - I am so excited!!