Fort Minor London Scala - September 8th

Just realized that we are allowed to bring something to be signed by Mike. So what do you think you will bring?)

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I’m a little late on this, but I’m a Solo Fan too who also managed to win the Meet & Greet contest. I’m so pumped! So yes, if anyone wants to meet up before I’m definitely down. My name’s Parminder, and I’m on whatsapp too. I’m getting the train to the concert from Leicester. I can’t wait! :smiley: Now I just have to figure out what I want to get signed…

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Hey guys I’ve also got my M&G pass and I’m solo fan. I’m getting a train from Glasgow the night before the show and I’m soo stressed because I have never been in London before so If anyone want meet up before the show I’ll be more than happy :wink: my numer is 07448586314 and u can also add me on Facebook :wink: my name is Natalia Zuzanna Bator. Can’t wait to see you there :blush:


Congrats to all who won the Meet and Greet, it does seem that many solo fans who wanted to meet up before the show managed to win, I am really excited and I am trying to think of what to have signed!

Okay time to get organised, … @Ztanaleeta I will be happy to meet you at Kings Cross around 3pm? If we are mega early for meet and greet we could always grab something to eat and chill out.
@Loxley keep us up dated on when you can get into London and then we can meet you, fingers cross the earlier the better!

Anyone else who has also bagged a meet n greet and would like to meet up before hand, would 3pm / 3.15pm at Kings Cross be okay? Then we can all chill out, grab food etc together?

Drop me a text if this sounds good to let me know 07956797570
@parm1der @KristinaUK @Matias_Coitino … and @Natalia_Bator don’t stress about never coming to London you are going to love it!

If 3pm is not a suitable time for anyone, do feel free to text to see where we are when you arrive in London so you can join us!

(Sorry if I have missed anyone… feel free to text me if you fancy meeting up)

Hope you all enjoy the meet n greet and the show

Zayna xx


I have no idea what to get signed!!! stressss!!

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Appreciate the update @Zayna_McKenzie ! My train doesn’t get into London until around 4:15pm so I guess I could meet up with you all around then. Do we have a whatsapp group or anything going, that could be useful to keep in touch on the day or whatever.

But yeah I’m really at a loss on what to get signed too, I was thinking the pickguard from my guitar or my copy of The Rising Tied but I suppose I wanted something more… unique? Hmm.

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Really happy to be going to the Meet & Greet when Fort Minor are in London on Tuesday :slight_smile: (I’ve yet to tell my son that he’s got to wait outside for me!!)

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I’ve got mine too!! :smile:

Well, I finish work at 2pm more or less…while I get back to the station and take the train to London from Reading…probably I’ll be there by 3:30 I reckon :slight_smile: Hope is early enough for the Meet and greet.

Hi guys- I’m setting up a whatsApp group ‘Fort Minor Scala’ look out for your invite


All sounds good to me! Sounds like we will all be there around the same time too. Did you make the group gabby?

hey guys i bought tickets so didn’t get a M+G but would love to meet up with ya’ll :slight_smile: 07791387210 … probably get to Kings cross around 6… can’t wait!! yay!

Hey! Do you guys only meet as friends or do you also take foreigners to your group? :slight_smile:
I’m from Czech Republic so I have no idea how everything works there and I’d love to have some guides :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone! :smile: I am also attending on Tuesday and was fortunate to win a meet and greet, what’s the likelihood of the M&G being early evening? I have work that day and forget to book it off and now I am worried in case the M&G is early afternoon… I know we won’t find out until on the day but thought I would ask in case anyone had any insight into what normally happens…

Hope to see you all there :slight_smile:

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Hey, no problem be good to meet as many people as possible… are you on whatsapp?

@AlekshiaID everyone and anyone is welcome, None of us in this chat have actually met up but we are planning to meet for the Fort Minor concert on the 8th, Are you going to be attending too?

A whatapp group has been set up now, so we can all arrangement meeting either before meet and greet or before the show, let us know if you want to be added in or if I have forgotten anyone …

Yes, I’m going to be attending too!
And I do have whatsapp but I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to connect to internet since I am not from UK and to connect to internet using data is really expensive abroad, hopefully there’s some wifi available at King’s Cross station. Or somewhere on the way.

If you cannot connect to internet feel free to text, most of our numbers are above :blush:

Alright, but I guess most of you is going to M&G, right?
I didn’t win so I’ll probably arrive to King’s Cross around 6pm. Is anybody going to be there?