First Linkin Park Concert

And I’ve seen them three times


I’ve seen more concerts than you and more wrestling shows :smiling_imp::sunglasses:

I’ve only ever seen Linkin Park. And I think Daughtry play one song.

I willingly watched wrestling once, and the wrestlers started making out. I stopped watching after that

Well, Jordan, when a guy and a girl, or two guys or two girls love each other, they do it. And ewie to the other band. That’s the one bad I do not like. Them and I can’t listen to a full song of rage against the machines…

They were wrestling then they stopped, stared eachother down, then kissed.

And it might not have been them, I can’t remember who it was exactly. I went to New York in middle school and went to a recording of Regis and Kelly and a band played. Also I like some Rage Against the Machine

I only know the one and they did for Jack Swagger, the WWE wrestler, his old theme song.

Mystery solved

22nd November 2003 London (Meteora Tour)
Ah won’t be forgetting that in a hurry

I feel lucky enough to have seen Both Fort Minor and Dead By Sunrise in concert as well

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my first LP Concert was 1 year ago, in Milano (Italy) and I still remember it like yesterday!!! It was just, awesome! :heart_eyes:

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Alora sto aspectando, podarsi vengono un´altra volta quest´altánno, pichere, a questo comunita

That was a good one!

My first LP concert was this past summer at Summerfest Milwaukee. It was amazing! Went with my son who is 23 and my husband. My son’s favorite band is A Day to Remember and they were one of the opening acts. Just magical! :musical_note:

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I was there, too! Wasn’t my first show, though. I only saw a bit of A Day to Remember and missed the other band completely, because of the Meet & Greet, but my friend said the other band was really odd

I saw them last year for the first time and i still can’t believe that i saw them :heart_eyes: it was such a great experience. bast band of the world :heart:

Best feeling ever, glad you enjoyed it!

I was fourteen when I saw my first Linkin Park concert on July 22, 2003, with Mudvayne, Cold and Jurassic 5. It was originally scheduled for April 8th, but because we had a massive snow/ice storm that night, it was postponed. The best part was when I thought my parents were pulling my leg when they told me I was going, since they told me on April Fool’s Day.

My first concert was in Ireland in 2008 where they played in Dublin…I absolutely loved it because I got to meet them at the Meet & Greet…I’ll never forget the experience…the guys played an awesome show and they are so cool!!!

In Roma, 2015. The tickets were my present for my birthday, such a beautiful way to celebrate :v:

2014 in Berlin. :smiley:

Today was the 8th anniversary of my first concert. Here were some pictures I took at the time

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