Favorite YouTubers

Which people do you like to watch on YouTube the most? I like to watch CrankThatFrank as well Dan and Phil. CrankThatFrank is actually a fan of Linkin Park and he has said that they are his favorite band. As for Dan and Phil, the reason I got into them is because CrankThatFrank likes them and I eventually began watching them since he is a fan of theirs and saw some of their gaming videos before but never watched anymore of them until recently.

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My favorite YouTube channels are mostly video game related, but not really for the video game content, the people behind the channels are just interesting people. I really like GameGrumps, JonTronShow, DidYouKnowGaming?, h3h3productions, PeanutButterGamer, The Perry Brothers, and AdamKoralik, in no real order. There’s other channels I’m subscribed to, but I’m still kinda getting into their content

For the most part, I got into all of them from GameGrumps, or more specifically JonTronShow (but I found GameGrumps first). JonTron was an original host on GameGrumps, he’s good friends with one of the main people behind DidYouKnowGaming? (and I’m actually friends with the other person that channel, now), and he is also good friends with PeanutButterGamer and h3h3productions and made videos with them

I found AdamKoralik from my interest in the Dreamcast, and my cousin showed me The Perry Brother’s videos way back in 2008

Good Mythical Morning (including Good Mything More, Good Mythical Crew etc) and the Vlog Brothers are my favorites, like I watch every single episode.
The rest is mostly Pokemon and Sims related videos (yes, Sims, don’t judge :stuck_out_tongue: ) and anything I might find interesting that pops in my recommendations.

I listen to mostly music on yt but I watch a few channels:

The slow mo guys
ElectroBOOM (and electrical engineering that makes ‘how not to’ electronics vids where he usually gets hurt either for real or with special effects).
FailArmy (my main source of stupidy)
I hate everything (A guy that actually makes well structured arguments as to why he hates things, most of it is poking humour at the subjects though).
MeganT (a small channel that posts bonus Top Gear content)

Me and my sister likes to watch Top5s

I like planet Dolan and Super planet Dolan. At times I watch Dark5 and the Richest. I also like upupdowndown it’s a funny gaming channel. And I think that’s it…

You mean those watchmojo (which is already a shit channel) copycats with the biggest clickbait thumbnails I’ve seen?

No, it’s called the Richest, I know of the mojo. And it’s not really a copycat, if that was so then there are a lot of coypcat channels on YouTube

Yes there are, every single top 10 channel. That’s the 3rd cheapest and laziest way to get views after documenting your life that an abnormal amount of people seem to be interested in because theirs are so dull and hollow (aka “volg” channels) and after filming yourself react to another video.

The guy from I hate everything shares these opinions with me, maybe that’s why I like his channel.

urbanturizm( stalk specialized ,has English subtitles, unlike any other channel in this list, ), TheBrainDit, Kuplinov Play( videogames), Sokol[OFF] TV(cinema). I do watch some other channels, but these are my favourite)

i mainly listen to linkin park albums on youtube and their live concerts

My YouTube subscriptions include (but are not limited to) Linkin Park, Green Day, Relient K, Rise Against, Silverstein, LP Live, Music For Relief, YES Network (for my Yankees fix), Simon’s Cat.

As for “YouTubers”, I’m subscribed to Roman Atwood and his vlog channel.

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How do you like this guy? I sometimes think he’s being really mean and obnoxious. He does seem more down to earth compared to other vloggers though.

Me too, but I usually listen to other bands or find videos to watch by YouTubers like the ones I listened above and others like JackSepticEye, Shane Dawson, Good Mythical Morning, etc. :blush:

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I am subscribed to Linkin Park and other channels as well but I am still looking for and finding more to add to my list including channels for people from LPU and the LP community. :slight_smile:

I actually found him through Facebook, right after his Crazy Plastic Ball Prank video was featured in some article. Afterwards, I started watching a couple of his vlogs from time to time. After a while I just ended up subscribing to him.

What really drew me to him was his company and how he builds his life around Smile More. His vlogs and the content he produces have such a positive energy to them that keep me watching everyday.

A couple other things I’ve picked up on as well…

When he was making the film Natural Born Pranksters, he would sit in meetingss all day, and that was hanging in the lobby of whatever building he was in.

And at one of his friend’s houses in Los Angeles:

Nice finds, haha! I haven’t been watching him for a long time, like 7-8 months (discovered him from another vlogger he’s friends with) or so but I’ve noticed that too about his company and what he does. Maybe the “obnoxiousness” I see it’s just how he is.

What do you guys think about YT Red?

I don’t really care for it, myself.

How did you manage to change your profile pic? I changed LP side, but here remains unchanged.

I changed it through Fullscreen Direct. You might have to log in and out of the forums in order for it to take effect.