Favorite YouTubers

I think my profile is too dark now.

I watch animators like theodd1sout and Jaiden Animations.

I suggest LP covers by Alex McMillian…they are amazing!

Frog Leap Studios!
Frog Leap Studios!

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He doesn’t do covers, he usually takes sh*t and turns it into gold. I say usually because sometimes he takes decent songs (e.g. Killing in the name).

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I literally agree…i just searched about it…saw that song cover - heathens. I didnt like that. Ok just for fun

You should watch his Hello cover, he even made Anaconda bearable.

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Its crazy …literally!!

It was my first ever FLS video, my dad is a hater of metal and he showed me it as a joke. Joke’s on him, Leo is amazing.

yep !! :slight_smile:

Slaiman and kate pranks sometimes

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I like to watch these youtubers:
(Other than Linkin Park, Fort Minor, and Mike Shinoda)

Matthew Santoro
Brave Wilderness
Good Mythical Morning(GMM)

Also welcome to the LP family @johnnydel! I am kinda new as well… :slight_smile:

Welcome @johnnydel :smiley: Hope you have good time on forums


I don’t really watch Top5s anymore, it has gotten boring. Nuke5s are the best now and at times—I used to a lot but not much—watch slapped ham. Their videos are starting to get meh but still watch when they have new ones.

I like to watch ‘WatchWWE’ that guy’s voice is awesome like Nuke’s and I enjoy his channel.

Favorite YouTube
Jeffery star
Bratman rock
Asmr sas
Ne eats
That’s what I mainly watch and other random stuff

Good mythical morning (and the rest of their channels)
Sortedfood (english friends who cook and they are very funny)
Gazillion knitting channels

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You know ya boi watches the king :triumph:


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Im just wondering how youtubers monetized their youtube videos earning… is the process that complicated?