No, not that either.

I think I know what it is but I’m gonna leave it for someone else since I can’t think of anything to post later.

the two cds right are both NOT IN LINE???

Lol, no, that was just me rushing to put it together.

Anyone else?

last try: the security thing…which is not to open…?

There isn’t a security thing on any of them. I’ve had all of them for a while.

lol, than mb we use the time and you explain the new game, @samuel_the_leader set, I didn´t get the sense, lol, and you are a good explainer…:laughing:

Long rules short you have to give a compound word (one word made out of two separate words) e.g. ‘Headphones’ then the next person has to either take the ‘head’ part of the word or the ‘phones’ part and make another compound word that makes sense e.g. Headband. Then you have to give a new compound word.

The words have to make sense and you’re not allowed acronyms. Also you can’t swap word positions. Say for example you want to use the ‘head’ part of ‘headphones’ you have to use it as the first half of the word and not the second.

a bit complicated, but me, trying everything, more thaan failing, with a big laugh about could not happen, but where´s this Buddie @samuel_the_leader? So I jump over and try a version, lol :grin::joy::sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::laughing::sunglasses:

Ok since nobody is guessing I’ll give you the answer. It was the Blacklistt CD (second from the right on the bottom) it was in a super jewel case.

@The_early_walker what do I do now?

so I think you are on again, till we get ya odd…lol :smiley: good luck, Rob @the_termn8r1

My condolences :laughing:

The Snickers bar.


The tissue? :stuck_out_tongue:

The remote?

missing headphones on the “holder” dunnow right word, and pl, through the old tissue away, it ´decorate`all ya pics…lol :sunglasses:

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We all can agree that dirty tissues are the odd one out in your entire room, shouldn’t be there in the first place @the_termin8r1.