HEY GUYS; JUST ANOTHER -IMO-funny game, like in sesamy street, rem, Bibboo etc? No? Go on wiki, lol :grinning:
So put sm stuff together, wherever you are, make a pic and post it here in this topic, only requirement is: one of the things you post in ONE PIC alltogether, isn´t fitting =odd, so let´s have a look, if this is working, lol :joy:


I’ll start off easy:

waterbottle, you don´t drink water, do ya??

Nope, I drink loads of water.

you don´t use a mouse…

The mouse is the odd one out, but not because I don’t use it (I use only it) it’s because it’s the only thing on the right hand side of my desk.

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mhhhhh seems to be a real easy one…lol :joy: BUT not for me, join in guys, @everybody

One pic? I was thinking, maybe I post several pictures of the sky, and then y’all see which is the odd one out.

feel free to interpret it like you want to, but tell the others, which way round= sm pics to choose the most odd or 2variation: one pic, one hing isn´t fitting in the context…ok, yyes weired, but for this weiredness we must try at least…we are champs in the ordered chaos, let´s show it…

The easy jet thing.

Nope, that’s not it.

The mouse?

No :stuck_out_tongue: Something doesn’t match…

The red card on the very top? It has a different base (it’s got some kind of cutout)

The picture is too blurry, can’t read what is on the cards.

It is the red cards indeed. They’re from a different country than the rest.

I know, they’re English but I thought it was the top specifically.

So it’s @the_termin8r1 next or how does this go?

I’ve no idea, @The_early_walker should tell us.