I guess it’s my turn again then.

The contents of my pen pot (ignore my laptop and mouse)

The thing on the right side whAt is this? Choclat Bar? Lol
:ghost: from x-mas? Gonna eat it up, you don´t need reserves…lol

That’s a ruler, silly @The_early_walker! (It’s transparent) This is what happens when you get up so early, you can’t think. :swirl:

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I’ll say the scissors.

And I’ll say it’s the L-shaped thing. (I know what it is, just dunno what’s it called.

Yep, they’re lefty scissors

It’s called and allen key, but nope it wasn’t it/them

My scissors are all generic, don’t have left/right handed.

I’m still not sure how this works btw… who’s supposed to post now?

I’m assuming it’s you. Let’s just have the correct guess go next.

Ok… very easy one simply because I can’t come up with anything else right now

The book?

Yeah, guess it’s your turn again.

The serviette at the corner lol (Didn’t see it on your desk previously)

lol, nope it’s not part of the pic. The CDs are the focus.

it´s real hard for me [silly, thanx to my Buddie @samuel_the_leader, remaining me] to read the cd covers…but for a shot: the red one…hit [ups? hit=irregl. verb? :joy::sunglasses:]

Which red one? There’s 6 red ones.

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but me silly means the red red red one, upper row, middle, the red one…lol hi Rob @the_termin8r1 :joy: :sunglasses:

Nope. It’s more simple than you think.

under row right, the sticker on the cd…:smirk: