Chat with mike right now

the technique has to become better, but the last words to us lpu about most obvious things at a m&G for the guys were great laugh lol

It was great!!

I always miss out on this stuff :frowning:

@Gatsie : Why that? No time? I’m sorry, it was great. But at least they are going to upload the chat next week.

Oh really? I’m happy now… Can’t wait to see the video chat with Mike… Thanks for the information… :smiley:

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@The_early_walker I didn’t understand the last words. What did he say? Well, I’ll watch it a lot of times when it is uploaded anyways :).


It’s ok, somehow I always appear to have other things to do when these LPU Chat sessions
occur. :sweat_smile: But I bet it was great and would love to see the chat somewhere later on.

the most obvious things I remember are: screaming out lout, crying, touch them and smell out of the mouth, he urther said he understand that we guys are excited but he pleases us to be as normal and cool, so everybody has the best time at a m&g. He told it cause with someone, some other celebrated guy, to write a book about the "not to do´s if you meet someone you adore…

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@gatsie hey sorry, load up to fast: We´ve a new badge, seen right now?

Did he say anything important we don’t already know about?

@EvoOba that the book of Anna isn´t selling real good (he moans us a little, like "no you guys didn´t bought it) and that she is on a official meeting were shes holding a speech, some things were shown (a head, a vinyl cover of the Welcome video, merchandising those stuff) Lorenzo and lulu were both appearing cause at the beginning Mike was to quiet, in this moment he told that they are both have the constantly yet lag, and the poor Lorenzo has to drive the cars then, all in all 45 min, the beginning costs 10 min cause of the technical probs, but it was funny also, cause he speaks with Loenzo and Lulu and told laughing things, you´ll see! Check your inbox!!!

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Thanks! Too bad about Anna, the book is amazing :confused: Yeah, she’s at a conference with friends etc. I’ll watch it when they upload it then :slight_smile:

@EvoOba : I think it is really difficult for authors these days. With all the other media to consume (faster). I admit that I didn’t read her book yet, but I will when I find the time (there is so much I want to read! And then there is youtube distracting me from reading!).

Who has time and a free head to read a book and get it today? Me not, maybe in holywood ähhhhhhh holydays lol

I read the ebook of Learning Not To Drown up to page 50, then I forgot all about all that I’ve read & had to read all over again. At this rate I would never finish the book… :frowning:

I think it was not very serious moaning what mike said it was sth like life goes on, she had enough other project and the lil Kenji even,( ot I didn´t even know how she manages that all, Respect.) So I think it´s absolutely no prob, what I forgot to write was a few things to FM,
Fort Minor Berlin 02.09.2015 - #54 by evooba
osted it in another version at the FM Concert Topic posted in another version, but very smart and cute the shinoda bear

@The_early_walker What new badge? I dont think I’ve seen it.

As a former bookstore owner I can only agree that books in this modern time is a tough product to sell. I feel bad for all the wonderful authers out there who’ve worked years on their books and then end up having their books being placed on a discount shelf or worse.

The beauty of a book and any form of art is though, that even though the current generation might not understand the concept it, there is always a chance that years from now other generations will. Who knows; maybe Anna’s book will be embraced by future generations like a Van Gogh or a Rembrandt painting.

@The_early_walker : Yeah, I’m in the same position… And no holidays this year (no time… well maybe in december). And I just go a reader from university today with 290 pages (on some pages they printed 4 pages to make the reading a bit of a task I guess) to read that until September. They wrote it’s mandatory to read that. I think, they can’t be serious!!

I was never a big reader, I admit that I started reading again last year when Anna was doing her book club. Since then I’m reading about a book per week. I don’t have time either but I always read before going to bed, it’s soothing.

It’s definitely hard to promote and sell physical copies of books nowadays that technology is so huge. I think it’s sad that almost every book out there exists in e-book form for free. Piracy is killing reading as well. But I think Anna did great overall, it’s amazing she got where she is now without mentioning Mike at all (cause we all know that she could have gone and mentioned him and everyone would be all over her), I can’t wait to see what she releases next.

Anyways, thanks again for letting me know how the chat went.

OT @EvoOba Did you looked in your inbox? sent you a message! At the moment it feels so warm and secure here in the community, sorry, for ME it feels so! What did ya think? it´s totally off topic, mr operator, I know, sorry, but it comes right from my heard!)