Changing Profile Picture


I also got this whilst typing up another reply with the other account:

I added underscores to the other name and they didn’t show up.


Yeah, I tried to click on the profile picture in the forum page and there is no option there to change it. Are there any social media sites that are directly linked to it? I login with Facebook, but that is not even my Facebook pic.


I dont know :confused:


Here’s what should be in the profile settings


@the_termin8r wont change been trying to change my forum photo for months now and I have my profile updated many times but wont change for the forum this is how bad LPU is getting seems people who run it have no idea what there doing to make the site run better such a let down with all those now connected to the LPUHQ team & FullScreenDirect are no use whats so ever


For months? Really? This issue just happened when they migrated the website. I understand some of these issues are annoying, but I highly doubt that they just gave up on trying to fix these issues, and I know for a fact that they know how to run a website better than anyone that frequents the forum


@jFar920 nope mine been like it for months I asked in a forum post here long time ago people tried to help but nothing changed and those who post regular on the forum will know as they all tried to help with the problem


If it really is for months and not an exaggeration then it’s a different kind of bug as I was changing mine all willy nilly before the final change.

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Please reach out to us at with any questions or comments. We appreciate the feedback and support.good luck with that if you email them you wont get any help at all I know people been waiting a year or more for email response


@Droms90 did all the settings and changes nothing changed


I learnt a new word. I like words like helter-skelter. Good job!


Helter skelter is a type of slide.

Willy nilly is slang for ‘all over the place’ or ‘without direction or planning’


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Looks like I just learned something too :stuck_out_tongue:


Same team mate, same team. I learned the word from this song.

Edit: Please get back to the main topic.

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I’m having issues with the changing the forum picture too. The profile one changes fine, but there is no option to change your pic on the forum profile.


They’re connected, but it’s not working at the moment. There’s no way around it at the moment


OK. :slight_smile:


So the transfer is not done yet ?!


Well, it’s not, but this isn’t related to that most likely, it’s probably just a glitch