Changing Profile Picture


finally after a long month,my profile picture has been changed


Idk what to change mine to so I’ll stick with this one.


I’m not sure where pick up my image from gravatar or site


Click “Manage Account”

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I Just changed my profile pic too, and this thread came in handy. Thanks everyone


When I click the link above…Why I get Error 404: Page Not Found?


Oh… Ok… Nevermind… Thanks for the guide :joy:


Hi there!
who works? Who can insert a photo? back site is buggy
maybe it’s because I’m taking photos with FixThePhoto?


Sorry, could you rephrase that please?


For what I understood:

He/she is asking for someone who can change his/her photo. And he/she is having problems with “fix the photo” (Idk what it is, maybe an app)

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There’s nothing problem on changing a profile pic and it’s not because of taking photos with FixThePhoto (Idk if this is an app or smth) Are you sure it is buggy? You can send screenshot here as well for a proof.

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That message is clearly spam


Didn’t seem like it to me, just oddly phrased because I’m assuming the person’s first language isn’t English.


Hi there​:grin::grin::slight_smile::slight_smile::wink::wink::smile::smile::blush: