Changing Profile Picture

Hey guys,what’s up? I’m new in this forum and i’m trying to set up my profile but i cannot change my profile picture; so i created this topic to know about it

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Are you–are you Chester?

Well I haven’t tried to change it since it merged into one site. But the old way you could have done it, if you went to and the log in and the go to profile edit. It take a while for it to change but it will.

No i’m not chester XD however i already change there but here doesn’t change

Hmm, well Chester maybe it’s a glitch and it will later? Let me see :3

You have to log out of the forum and then log back in if you change it on the main site.

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I tried so many times, however when i reply outside forum appair the correct image

Are you sure you logged out of this site and not the other one?

i’m sure…

Then I don’t know, sorry. It’s most likely a bug as a result of the platform change.

I tried to change my nick and it was apply perhaps @intheend has just said that is a glitch

…I’m still calling you Chester -.-

I know it’s u!!!

However i tried to register and login on Discourse official site and then i able to change my picture,password and so on…I want to know if the migration has been completed

None of the various Discourse forums are linked together, that’s normal behavior

Yeah i know it. But I was wondering how come there I can easily edit my profile and not here

Because on here all that stuff is linked to your main Linkin Park account and has to be changed on there

there i changed it but on the forum i saw another one

I can’t say for sure it still works after the migration, and I don’t really want to try it myself right now because my LPU membership isn’t showing up, but you have to log out of the forum after updating it on the main site and log back in for it to take affect

I just tried it, doesn’t work for me either.


I would assume that’s why there’s so many new people without profile pictures, I guess. Does the name changing work?

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the name changing work fine…well only this function work