Changing Profile Picture


Name changing doesn’t work for me.


I don’t even know where my profile picture came from, lol. I didn’t upload it.


Is it still giving you an error or just not updating?


Not updating.


I might just make a dummy account to screw around with stuff because I’m worried if I try it on this account it’ll screw it up


Well you must wait some hours or refreshing a lot


Sounds fun, you and Rob are probably the only people in here capable of doing so :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t even wanna risk changing my photo to check if that works. I assume everything will eventually run smoothly though.


On discourse site,you can choose which image upload from gravatar or local and i dont believe that function couldn’t find here


Discourse site? Sorry I’m fairly new here.


Your photo is not supposed to change based on the discourse site (since it is a completely different provider) but based on


Yes i knew it but that’s cms used to construct this forum


I know I had an account on the old site that I messed around with, I just don’t reme the email I used


I’m not trying on this account. I’ll use my @the_guy_with_no_name account

When you go to the main page on this forum you will see an option saying ‘back to linkin park’ at the very top, when you click it it takes you to the main site where when you log in you can are supposed to be able to edit your profile.


Oh yeah, ok. Duh, lol


Absolutely correct


That is weird. I have a different picture on the profile than I do on the forum. ???


Test 1:

Current name @theguywithnoname


Here’s something else I just found out. I can be logged in with 2 accounts at the same time on the forum without being in incognito for one of them. As a result all of the topics are now reset to ‘Normal’ for me :unamused:

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I bugged the site out hard. I just posted with my @the_termin8r account and it came up as a post from my @theguywithnoname aaccount :stuck_out_tongue: (this post was also made with my @the_termin8r account).

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I suppose that someone must fix a lot of issues