Can you survive without Linkin Park?

never ever again…

I could live a few days without their music, if I had to.
But that doesen’t happen very often.
At least on my way to work the CD with my like 60 favorite LP/FM songs is on.
My morning fix… :upside_down:

I tried to resist without their music for a few days.
It was the worst period of my life…
In one word: withdrawal symptoms

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i cant survive without linkin park i dont know what id do without them

You know…and it’s weird but, yeah I can. If you were to ask me this question before I fell out of the lpu around 12, (and I think I gave an answer on here at one time) I would of said no way.

During this time I’ve listened to other music and been obsessed with wrestling again. I still have a place list of LP songs and I still celebrate the album dates and I don’t forget D;

I have HT day marked down but I’ve done it. I’ve gone days, weeks without listening to LP. BUT!!! They are still my favorite band. And they will always be.


I have actually not listened to them in a while so I can start a LP marathon when a single is out or a released song for their new album. I’ve been listening to Madonna and Alice Cooper more

Since I was really behind, I mean Metora time type behind, not by choice, long story, I’ve been binge listening to them and Chester’s independent work to catch up. Their music is the only music for right now I can listen to without getting depressed. I do listen to plenty of other music , actually I’m eclectic, just not during this tough time in my life.

A day or two? Okay, I guess so. A week or more? No, since I always wake up with a song in my head. Not always an LP song, but since I mostly listen to rock/metal/rap/alt. there’s bound to be a moment when their lyrics pop up. Not done intentionally – does this happen to anyone else? Curious

Yep, honestly there’s been quite a few good rock records out this year in my opinion (Sick Puppies, Sum 41, Green Day, and so on.) So it has kept me occupied and could continue until a new record or single. I’m sure I’ll get LP fever when things start picking up for the new album.

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tempratures rising, can ya feel it??? :smiley: @brandonr24

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Me too bro. I can NEVER survive without Linkin Park. Especially in the morning. The songs keep me pumped up and ready for school (especially at like 6 am in the morning). Heck, I cannot even go a day without listening to a rock/metal song.

I think that I can… I hadn’t tried, But I don’t want something like that, I can breathe, but LP’s music makes everything better, my playlist is better, the drive to college is better, they illuminate my life

Hell no. I can’t go 1 day without listening to at least 1 song. Recently all I’ve been listening to is “Heavy”


Of course not. I have to get by a day with listening to at least 3 LP songs.

I did before… but now I can’t start my work without listening to waiting for the end at least 3times.

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Of course I can! I’ve been doing it for a few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I really love Linkin Park but they’re not my first favourite. Even I can survive without listening to my most favourite band

If it wasn’t for LP, I don’t think I will have gotten as interested in music as I am now, or interested in as many types of music :smiley:


Me too. They introduced me to System Of A Down, because of the collaboration with Daron Malakian, and some others that I cannot even remember lol.

Yeah, Rebellion is a awesome song :smiley: Guilty all the Same with Rakim is one of their best in my opinion aswell


same for me. Thanks to LP my musical taste has gotten wider