Can you survive without Linkin Park?

That’s a really weird tattoo, what is it?

From what I can tell it’s a Hindu god inside the Hindu symbol.

@evooba found the pic on the internet, cause I´m on reserch, want to tatoo my default right arm totally. This one I posteed is a mixture of a sign of power and force and the face of buddha, and it´s made by a real tattoo-artist, I liked it, so I posted it…as symbol for the energy-boost they give me.
BTW have to go to bathroom now and listen to THP to get my appointment with my dentist at 9 am
cya arround, wish everybody on a nice day so far…sent me all your courage!

A sleeve? nice!! That requires lots of thinking and stuff, good luck. Not sure I’d get a sleeve (even though I really like them), biggest one I want as of right now is a Japanese dragon.

Good luck today!

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thank you :relaxed:it worked the day wasn´t so ugly as some others, even at the dentist, now they shine for christmas, she said and gave me a hug, and I hugged her, what a strange situation, even asshe was cleaning (means doing her work) she does it with enthusiasm, imagine that, cleaning teeth, and she handled it routined so no much pain, lol :kissing_closed_eyes:
listen to LP playing wish from 9inch nails

No I can’t, I rely on LP to help me with day to day functions

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I agree a 100% :relaxed:


Linkin Park is the foundation of me being a musician.
They inspired me as a 12-year old goofball to do music as well.
and (cliché alert) the music just did something special to me

I felt so awesome when I first saw that live in texas DVD, I always saw them as my heroes.

I still use their music as an example to fall back on when I don’t know what or how to write.
I even practice on their LPU instrumentals to give my own lyrics more shape.

I’m the kind of guy that listen to a lot of artists, really ALOT of artists. but LP is the one that stands a little bit above the rest for me.

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My day would be very boring… i listen Linkin in each free moment and certainly they help me during the day !!

Then i can’t survive without Linkin Park hahah :ghignante:

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Yes, I can. But why? These guys make my life more filled, more beautiful. They made such a huge difference, play a significant role in my life. Thank you , guys! Way to go!

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No I need this

There’s often a moment in my day that would requests LP’s “cure”. For sure, mornings need that the most.
But, trust me, their songs get stronger with every day you don’t listen to them, so when you really need them… it’s ravishing.


Linkin Park always hear , you chose my favorite songs and listen :slightly_smiling:
Not much survive without Linkin Park :disappointed_relieved:

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swear hiigh five on them power spirit mb s called usefull wisdom… lol

what´ab them?

[ ot I knew I´m flooding and spreading them here, but imo it fit so real right…lol, complains pl in clear words…lol love the lpu :sunglasses:

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as you said it …
it has to do with survival !!
from 17 years old and on I’ve been making it because of this band!
why? as said elsewhere… because i am an extreme INFP !

Not just No, but OH HELL NO! I love their music with such a passion, from the first song I heard on the radio on the first album. And now that my sister recently passed away, I will log onto youtube and watch like 2 or 3 live shows back to back and sing and scream at the top of my lungs, play air guitar and drums. I have seen them live 3 times and wished that I wasn’t disabled as I would have been @ Rock in Rio Vegas, I got to see it online though so that is cool. I am an older fan almost 59 yrs old and the last concert I attended was in the mosh pit and Chester grabbed my hand and I about passed out. LOL you would think I was 18. Nothing against being younger. I cant wait for them to finish the new record and go back out on tour just hope that happens before my LPU membership expires. That has already happened to me once so fingers crossed. And for any one wondering about my avatar it is Mike Shinoda’s art work


Thats what I like most LP fans didn´t have a age limit, you can be 10 as my daughter and the music and shows fitting for her even as for ppl mb 80…lol would be funny to know, how old the oldest lpu member is @LuvinLinkinPark58 same topic here btw, maybe close one @matt? ed cs of seeing the other topic, same conv…

I saw people way older than me at the first concert and they were high as a kite too I got buzzed off the 2nd hand smoke LOL

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Haven’t tried it yet.

Absolutly not!! Never

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