Battle of the Songs: Fort Minor: The Rising Tied League Fixture 2

Sorry folks that fixture 2 has taken so long
So fixture 1 is done and B.O.T.S: FM: TRTL is under way
What songs will make it and which ones will fall short?

Remember to vote on every match or you risk your vote not counting

Here is fixture 2

Match 1

  • Believe Me
  • There They Go

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Match 2

  • The Hard Way
  • Petrified

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Match 3

  • In Stereo
  • The Battle

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Match 4

  • Right Now
  • High Road

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Match 5

  • Be Somebody
  • Kenji

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Match 6

  • Slip Out The Back
  • Red To Black

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Match 7

  • Get Me Gone
  • Back Home

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Match 8

  • Cigarettes
  • Remember The Name

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Match 9

  • Feel Like Home
  • Where’d You Go

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Tag anyone I missed

Fixture 1 Results

Table so far


Cigarettes vs RTN was the toughest one.


Slip out vs Red to Black was a tough one for me!

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I hope that Kenji will be one of the champions:)my favorite song)

Nobody but me likes Be Somebody? haha

It is awesome, but Kenji is far more meaningful so I had to go for it.

yeah Kenji has some interesting verses, but it gets boring after a few listens I think

Be Somebody is a good song but Kenji is Kenji :stuck_out_tongue:

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To me Kenji will always be the first boss from NFS Carbon :stuck_out_tongue: God I hate that guy.

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RTB has taken the lead for the first time against SOTB
TTG will lose it’s place at the top of the table
And by the looks of it WYG will top the table after this fixture

Well I was warned that this would be slow
But only 9 votes after day one is pretty poor :frowning:

I guess not as many people listen to FM as we thought :confused:

I was actually looking forward to this B.O.T.S
But kinda disappointed
With that in mind I will follow through 'til the end

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This at a stand still

Any more votes?

Sorry, interest is waning. And I just realized I lost my regular badge status.

How do you lose a badge? You’ve been active pretty much everyday.

The forums are pretty dead, I’m surprised 11 people voted actually.

Yeh I am wondering if it’s just because it’s too close to the other B.O.T.S or because not as many people are interested in the side project

TBH, I am more interested in these ones than the LP ones because although they were good fun, the results were all too predictable.


I don’t believe it’s that
From getting 20 odd votes to bare getting over 10 I believe it’s just not as many people are interested

Makes me debate if a DBS league is worth doing